Photo from Mason Gazette


Michael Guston is the new police liaison to the LGBTQ community at George Mason University.

The position was just recently created and Guston is the first person to hold the position.

The LGBTQ liaison is the contact person between the LGBTQ community at Mason and the police.

“The police chief and the assistant chief saw a need, but there was never anyone that they thought that fit the position until I came along,” Guston said. “They saw a good fit.”

With the LGBTQ community increasing in visibility and number on campus, the chief and assistant chief decided that it was a good idea to extend a resource to the community.

The position entails being involved in cases that involve any LGBTQ biases such as hate crimes. However, Guston is not only present in cases of hate crimes. Should an incident occur on campus that involves a LGBTQ student, or if a LGBTQ student feels uneasy speaking with a police officer, they can simply call Guston.

“If the officer isn’t aware that it’s an LGBT student, they can always ask for me,” Guston said, “or they can always ask for my phone number and they can contact me immediately if it’s during business hours or if I’m working.”

Guston is gay and because of this fact, many in the LGBTQ community might have an easier time speaking with him.
“[LGBTQ students] can bring up any problems or anything that was uncomfortable for them to either cover with an officer that they didn’t necessarily feel comfortable coming out to, or that they would feel more comfortable in addressing with me … and feel more comfortable talking with a police officer that they know is not only gay, but is also there as a liaison for them.”

Guston is on his 23rd year of law enforcement, and has previously worked in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Fairfax County. He has been with the Mason Police Department for almost a year.

Guston has held the liaison position for almost two months now, and says that experiences have been very positive.

“All the officers in the Police Department are just as excited [as Guston] about this position,” he said.

Guston does not foresee any major issues with his new position.

“I think that it will be smooth and uneventful,” he said. “I think the biggest challenge is to get the word out to the LGBT youth on campus so that they know that I exist.”