Let’s just assume that by this point everybody has seen “Meet the Parents,” “Meet the Fockers” or “Little Fockers.”

This trilogy of sorts puts a strong emphasis on that special moment when significant others must meet the parents or family for the first time. In the movies this moment is heavily dramatized, with the parents’ seriousness or eccentricities played up for great effect.

The fact of the matter is, the media almost never depicts parents whose personalities lie in the middle, in the normal-human-being range.
Rather, producers take it to the extreme in order to accentuate the hilarity of this first meeting and, in effect, compel viewers to loosen up and laugh a little, while at the same time instilling in them the sense that meeting the parents should be a feared event.

What one must realize is that movies — comedies in particular — are just a canvas painted with humor in order to bring about riotous laughs. Scenes from movies typically do not reflect reality. Therefore, when it comes time for you to meet the parents, remember these key things:

How much do you value an ally?

Both parents contribute a great deal to the way in which your significant other has turned out.

However, more times than not, it is in your best interest to become allies with their mother. After all, she is most likely the one who will be inclined to invite you to dinners and holidays, and stick up for you if you ever get on your significant other’s — or SO’s father’s — bad side.

Would you show up to a job interview without knowing about the company?

Similarly, when going to meet the parents, make sure to learn a little bit about what makes them tick.
Are awkward silences any less awkward with parents as opposed to friends?

It has been shown that adolescents are more at ease when around their peers as opposed to older individuals, especially parents.
Therefore, when the date is set to meet the parents, make sure you fine-tune your small-talk skills so as to avoid any awkward pauses in the conversation.

Do you like kids?

If your significant other has younger siblings it is in your best interest to show that you care, especially in front of the parents.

Whether you merely talk to the siblings for a few minutes or venture as far as playing Thomas the Tank Engine with them, this will show not only the parents, but also your significant other what a big heart you have.