New technology has made the fashion industry much more accessible. The Internet is full of fashion blogs, online fashion magazines and stores that allow the public to get their fashion fix without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Fashion blogs have completely changed the face of fashion. Designers now have a new way to market their products and receive extra publicity from well-known bloggers who post pictures of their runway shows. New, up-and-coming designers have a platform to showcase their designs to the public, something that wouldn’t easily be done on their own.

Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie and Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast, along with a handful of other bloggers, have now become front- row staples at New York Fashion Week. Why exactly are bloggers so popular? For one, they are able to reach the public with just one click, something that magazines aren’t able to do. Before a fashion show is even over, bloggers are posting pictures, videos or comments on the show. Before fashion blogs and online magazine content was created, the public would have to wait close to a month before they could get the same information in most magazines and newspapers.

Each blogger’s unique perspective on the fashion industry also intrigues their audience. Whether the blogger focuses on street fashion, as does Scott Schuman in The Sartorialist, or focuses on individual style and inspiration, as does Gevinson, there are so many points of view on the industry that almost everyone is sure to find an appealing one.

Along with personal style blogs, there are also community fashion blogs such as Lookbook and Weardrobe where people can post pictures of their own outfits and share them with a larger audience. In this format, users are able to share their sense of style with others and get inspiration and feedback from stylish people around the world. Many Lookbook users even have blogs of their own.

It’s not only blogs that have helped to increase the availability of fashion to the public; online magazines and stores have also had a hand in the process. ASOS is an online fashion magazine that allows readers to click on an item’s picture which automatically redirects them to a store where they can buy it. Add in the fact that every major clothing store has an online shop, along with websites like eBay, fashion combined with the Internet is every fashion lover’s dream.

There are thousands of blogs on the web that serve as an outlet for personal style and inspiration to others. Bunches of online stores make it as easy as a click of the mouse to purchase items, and hundreds of online fashion magazines reach people around the world. We no longer have to wait a month for fashion news in magazines; fashion is at the tips of our fingers.