Over the past century alone the global temperature has risen by one full degree Fahrenheit. To illustrate the implications of rising temperatures, we may note that during the last ice age the average global temperature was only nine degrees lower than it is now. Many people do not realize the negative effects of their lifestyles on the environment. Scientists generally agree that without proper education leading to widespread awareness and behavioral change, the Earth may become uninhabitable.
As a reaction to this global climate change, Estee Seward created the “conscientious apparel line” Sunburned Clothing. Seward grew up in D.C. and at 21 moved to Manhattan to work for fashion designer Betsey Johnson. Four years later, Seward was back in the nation’s capital booking a comedy club. As the comedy scene became more centered in Hollywood, Seward moved to the west coast to work as a personal assistant for comedian Bill Maher, the host of “Politically Incorrect” and “Real Time.” Working with Maher, she had many opportunities to learn about different causes. Having always been involved with fashion and comedy, Seward wanted her clothing line to present the idea of global warming through a comedic light.
Her concept of lightly portraying this pressing environmental issue in a hip, fashionable way can be seen through the burn holes that adorn all her shirts. The holes are a graphic attempt at visually explaining what will happen if we don’t change our ways. Through her clothing Seward hopes to convey the idea that we as buyers have the power to change our future. It is essential that we become conscious consumers and take part in greener lifestyles in order to support life in the centuries to come.
Being an environmentalist and a lover of geology, Seward is not only concerned about the effect of global warming on humans, but on animals and landscapes as well. As temperatures rise on earth, ice caps are melting, animal species are becoming extinct and habitats are being altered, all of which leads to reduced crop production.
Sunburned Clothing, launched in July 2011, could be the next big thing in conscientious apparel. All it takes is a few enthusiastic people to start donning the environmentally friendly clothing for a new fashion trend to begin. The timing is right for Sunburned Clothing, as its message is one that easily sticks in the minds of consumers who have become more and more aware of the looming problems of global warming — and the designs are very unique!
To buy your very own sunburned shirt, visit sunburnedclothing.com