• In Bed With Billy

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    Billy Curtis, Sex Columnist If you went around and asked people what they thought the hardest thing about a relationship was, odds are the most prevalent answer would probably be trust. We trust our doctors with our lives, our bankers with our money, and we trust our families to be there when need be, but why is it so difficult for us to trust other people with our hearts? Letting someone into your circle of trust can be an extremely difficult task, especially after a person has been hurt so many times. Despite the overwhelming possibility these days that someone may abuse your trust, it seems that the benefits could still outweigh the drawbacks. For hundreds of years now, all American currency has had printed on it the words, “In God We Trust,” but I am pretty sure that some Americans do not trust in God, especially in times of great strife such as our current economic situation. Yet, the words are still printed on every dollar and coin we come in connect with; a constant reminder that trust is needed to preserve any kind of relationship, whether it is with our government or the person we fall asleep next […]

  • Art Gallery Impresses: Sam Gilliam Presents Otherwordly Art

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    Marian McLaughlin, Staff Writer “I have no idea how he made these,” students said as they walked out of the Fine Art Gallery at George Mason University’s new School of Art building. “How did he do it?” All the commotion was caused by Sam Gilliam’s works from his show, Color/More. The artist unveiled around 10 pieces at last Wednesday’s opening. Stunned viewers stared at the canvases, blown away by Gilliam’s artistic technique. Each canvas contained lush colors and amorphous shapes which took on the swirled and polished qualities of a marble design. Were his paintings really paintings, though? Paint is obviously Gilliam’s medium of choice, even if there was some secret formula involved to give such viscous form to the pieces. However, his canvases were more like collages. Gilliam created his pieces by combining multiple panels. This style blends painting with sculpture, delivering a three-dimensional effect through the layering of paint and panels. Each panel relates to the others with vibrating shapes and swirls of color, but they play with each other, as well as the viewer’s perception, when paired together. The result is art with a definite organic feel. Some students compared the shapes, colors and textures of the […]

  • Changing Seasons: Fall TV Offers Something for Everyone

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    Ross Bonaime, Staff Writer While televison viewers will have to wait a few extra months to get their next seasons of Lost, 24 and American Idol, this month kicks off the new seasons of some old favorites and premiere episodes of quite a few new series. Maybe the most highly anticipated show of the season is ABC’s FlashForward. Based on the Robert J. Sawyer novel of the same name, the show unfolds after the entire world experiences an event causing them to see six months into the future. The show features a great ensemble cast including Joseph Fiennes, John Cho and Gabrielle Union. ABC hopes this show will replace the void left in many viewers’ hearts after Lost concludes next season. On the CW, the new iteration of Melrose Place will hope to ride on the success of the 90210 reboot, The Vampire Diaries. This seems like great timing, thanks to the success of the Twilight franchise. The network is also premiering The Beautiful Life, a show about teenage models starring former OC resident Mischa Barton. Now that ER is off the air after 15 seasons, three new doctor shows try to fill the gap. NBC is hoping both Trauma […]

  • Decor for the Poor: Poster Sale Helps Students Personalize Their Rooms

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    Lauren Cafferky, Broadside Correspondent In the mad rush to collect everything necessary to survive for the next nine months: tee shirts, sweatpants, ramen noodles, all five seasons of The Office, and your parent’s credit card number, it’s easy to overlook the four colorless walls that stare down at you, cold and barren, until May. No need to panic—George Mason University’s annual poster sale has you covered. Beyond the Wall, a poster company that visits campuses across the country, is responsible for organizing the event. But Beyond the Wall does more than cross the nation, bringing posters to poor college students. They also run six retail stores located in popular cities such as Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. Beyond the Wall also runs a website allowing users to browse and order hundreds of posters, journals, bookmarks, signs and more. The sale also boasts a wide selection of artwork from the classic to the modern, movies to music and Albert Einstein to hugging giraffes. Why not make your walls reflect your excellent sense of musical taste? The sale has options ranging from the Beatles to the Jonas Brothers. “There are so many posters, I couldn’t even see them all,” said sophomore sports […]

  • Local Musician Steps into the Limelight: Rob Rider Finds his Voice on An Ounce of Dreams and Guitar Strings

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    Hayley Roder, Staff Writer In pure singer-songwriter fashion, Rob Rider offers a heartfelt mix of lyrics and melodies on his debut solo album An Ounce of Dreams and Guitar Strings. Hailing from Woodbridge, Va., Rider has performed in local bands like Ground Zero and Nebula while perfecting his songwriting. His experience, coupled with years of both formal and informal music training has resulted in a solo album that fits perfectly into the alternative rock genre. Rider’s lyrics feel genuine and seem to be inspired by real-life events, a quality often overlooked by songwriters. This makes his songs both catchy and easy to identify with. “Fall On Me” is full of such lyrics: “There’s nothing I can say or do/These long miles lead me back to you” and “Life’s a puzzle, it’s a game/Put the pieces in their place, and then we’ll see/Let your love fall down on me.” Though a few lines are cliché, such as those found in “Rain,” others extend fantastic similes and metaphors such as the lines of “Breathe” that read, “Shoots like lightning through my veins/Every time I hear your name” and “Sounds of thunder, they roll through my head/Every time I hear words that you’ve […]

  • Writers Play Games with Hollywood: Marriage of Movies and Video Games Creates Intrigue

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    Ross Bonaime, Staff Writer Video game movies have come a long way. Movies from yesteryear like Super Mario Bros. still seem laughable today. With the release of films like Gamer and the new Bruce Willis project Surrogates, it’s hard to argue that with films like these, video games are bombarding the film industry. The bridge between interactive media and movies are starting to take some interesting cues from each other. In 1993, Super Mario Bros. became the first movie based on a video game, starting a long line of terrible adaptations including Double Dragon, Max Payne, and Doom. Meanwhile, recent video games have gone for a more cinematic style, putting emphasis on strong storytelling. Take, for instance, this summer’s surprise hit District 9. Director Neill Blomkamp originally signed on to direct Halo, but when that fell through, he was allowed to direct whatever he wanted. He wisely chose District 9, which opened eyes this summer. Many felt like the film was Blomkamp trying to prove he was capable of directing Halo, and his film felt like a combination of famous games like Halo, Half-Life 2 and Resident Evil 5. Several large-scale directors have also adapted video games for their next […]

  • A Graveyard Smash: Halloween II music review

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    Heather Gioia, Broadside Correspondent When you think Halloween, you think horror. Along with his hit remakes, Rob Zombie has put a new spin on the horror sounds of the holiday. The remake of Halloween II hit in theaters in late August, accompanied by the soundtrack, which features a compilation of unique sounds and movie clips. Pop in the 25-track album and be prepared for a complete listening expierence. The album opens with a clip from the movie entitled “He’s F***ing Dead,” a short clip that sets the Halloween mood. After all, we all thought Mike Myers was dead. The first song on the album is “Nights in White Satin” by The Moody Blues, a calm and relaxing track. With a slow beat and a groovy tempo the hook, “because I love you, yes I love you,” is destined be on your lips by the end of the track, creating a mesmerizing sound. After another movie clip, an upbeat ’80s track blasts from the boom box. Who remembers the 10cc’s “The Things We Do For Love?” The song is yet another mesmerizing track that, after the first few beats, has you swaying and singing along. Track six, “Amerarockers” by Scream, opens […]

  • Mason Alumna's Got Moves: Yana Blinova Makes Her Mark on Primetime

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    Katie Miller, Broadside Correspondent Since its inception, So You Think You Can Dance has proven that America really can dance. And this past season, one of Mason’s own was pulled into the spotlight. George Mason University alum Yana Blinova, a competitive dancer and teacher, was invited to help choreograph a rumba and a cha-cha for two SYTYCD couples. Already a nationally-acclaimed competitive ballroom dancer, choreographing for SYTYCD proved to be another achievement for Blinova. “There are two accomplishments I am proud of,” said Bilnova, “one was winning the World Championships in 2006 as a Pro/am. Second, I was proud of appearing on So You Think You Can Dance twice to help choreograph. That is pretty great for me because there are so many good dancers in Los Angeles, but I was the one that was asked.” Although the Latin rumba with Tony Meridith was not broadcasted, Blinova’s cha-cha coaching session with Meridith did broadcast on July 12, Season 5 Episode 18. While Blinova did not major in dance at Mason, she was already actively competing while attending. In fact, dancing has been always been a part of her life. “My parents are professional ballroom dancers. They opened up a dance […]

  • Laying the Blueprint Again: Jay-Z Hasn't Lost His Touch

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    Deena Smith, Broadside Correspondent “Please don’t bow in my presence/ how am I a legend?/ I just have 10 number one albums, maybe now 11.” It may sound premature and just a little cocky, but the preliminary album sales for HOVA’s new album The Blueprint 3 support this speculation. Sean Carter, better known to the mainstream population as Jay-Z, never ceases to amaze the public or critics with his lyrics and mature musical themes. Released eight years to the day after his sixth studio album The Blueprint, which marked a historic milestone in Jay’s career, The Blueprint 3 will be serving as a lesson for other artists on how to achieve music that is more than just lyric-deep. Even though this marks the longest turnaround for Jay-Z, the album hasn’t suffered in any way. The Blueprint 3 opens up with “What We Talkin’ About,” setting the stage for the rest of the album. The lead in track addresses the lack of meaning in today’s lyrics and the need to reform the rap genre. “Empire State of Mind” features strong vocals from the fellow New York artist Alicia Keys. The song shares Jay-Z’s experiences from his home city, describing the everyday […]

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