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  • To All You Freshmen Out There: Words of Advice From a Student Who Has Walked the Walk

    Editorials September 22, 2009 at 3:03 pm Comments are Disabled

    Ethan Vaughan, Staff Writer College is a strange place in many ways and in many more ways a strange time. In college, you’re independent of your parents for the first time—but still completely dependent on them, because they’re the ones paying your tuition even if they’re not rooming with you in the dorm to keep tabs on what you’re eating, who you’re hanging out with and whether you’re doing your schoolwork. In college, the freedom you yearned for in high school is finally reached, only to result in some things that you never would have wanted. Many college students feel the sting of the Freshmen 15, or, for the truly exceptional, the Freshmen 50. Late nights, bad food and gallons of caffeine leave you either jittery or sleep deprived, or a weird combination of both. Yet for the cramped quarters, the substandard dining and the sometimes-startling conditions of the shared bathrooms, you’re somehow having the best time of your life. Except when you’re not. College is also supposed to be when people blossom into themselves and meet the friends who they’ll be close with the rest of their lives. When that doesn’t pan out the way you thought it would, […]

  • There's Room on My Enemies List: Understanding a Not-So-Understanding World

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    Brandon Minster, Staff Writer I’ve made a few enemies in my life. I don’t keep a Nixonian list of them, but I could probably fill a half-sheet of paper. Most are former schoolmates or coworkers that I rubbed the wrong way. For instance, at one job I had an assignment that required me to work closely with a man I’ll call “James” (because that’s his name). We traveled together once a month. Every trip we’d reach a moment when I thought, “I wish he’d stop talking,” and with every trip that moment came earlier. Eventually I told him as much, and shortly afterwards our relationship became irreparably damaged when I said his favorite college basketball team received too-favorable a seeding in the NCAA tournament. Our last interaction was when he brought in root beer and ice cream, sent an e-mail to everyone else inviting them to his desk for floats, and sent an e-mail to me telling me why I wasn’t invited. James would definitely be on the half-sheet. Church enemies are a little trickier, because most churches advise against being a jerk to people, but that doesn’t mean church enemies don’t exist; they just turn to subterfuge. I used […]

  • Kanye West’s Big Ego: An Artist’s Ultimate Party Foul at this Year’s VMA’s

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    Sebastian Flores, Broadside Correspondent Kanye West is definitely looking back and saying . . . oops, my bad. The Video Music Awards are an awards show on MTV dedicated to recognizing the best music videos of the year.  The awards span from specifics like Best Rock, Pop and R&B video, to the more general, Best Video of the Year.  The VMAs are known to spark controversy and unforgettable moments like when Britney Spears and Madonna locked lips on stage in 2003. This year’s VMAs were no exception.  The adorable country star, Taylor Swift received the first of the evening for Best Female Video of the Year, a great honor for the young star beating out favorite nominees like Kelly Clarkson, Lady Ga Ga and Beyonce—but someone wasn’t very happy about that. During Swift’s acceptance speech for her first “Moon Man,” a bitter West rushed to the stage, stole the microphone from Swift’s little hands and arrogantly said, “Congratulations, Taylor, I’ll let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!”  Heartbroken, Swift was escorted off stage leaving everyone stunned, trying to replay in their minds what had just happened. West, the perfectionist at award show controversy, […]

  • In Bed With Billy: The Top 10 Men You Need to Avoid

    Lifestyle September 22, 2009 at 2:14 pm Comments are Disabled

    Billy Curtis Sex Columnist There are 10 things I will most definitely hate about you. There are more than 10 things that most likely everyone would hate about everyone. Bad kisser, over-talkative, vain; the list could go on and on for hours, maybe even days. Luckily, most of us know what we want, and what we clearly need to stay away from when we’re looking for a partner. Sadly still, there are some who would, could, and shouldn’t believe that these types of men can change, and end up making you happy for the rest of your life. These tragic attempts of contempt are sad stories to watch, let alone hear about. We’ve all encountered at least one of these 10 rejects that somehow manage to rule our lives at some point. Though, with every encounter we manage to grow and become stronger people. For those of you who have never been lucky enough to have your heart broken or your world turned upside down by one of these pitiful fools, take this as a warning to stay away and notice the warning signs. Let the countdown begin: 10. The Moocher or Cheap Date. You’ve imagined the perfect date, romantic […]

  • Fashion on a Dime: Staying Fashionable in the Recession

    Lifestyle September 22, 2009 at 2:11 pm Comments are Disabled

    Jessica Martinez Broadside Correspondent In a recession, fashion is about shopping in your closet for classics and mixing them with new trends. Inexpensive shopping is the new chic thing to do and it is all about investing in pieces that will last for more than one season. Romanticism in fashion trends and the transition into autumnal hues make fall an anticipated season. The days of dropping a large amount of money on an item before it went out of style are long gone. This fall, dress in warm attire and brace for the upcoming cold weather months in nothing short of chic classy style. A crisp, white long-sleeved shirt always looks amazing, but this season, it is all about the collar. “White Oxford button-downs from your closet can seem plain and outdated,” said Stefania Anthony, a self-taught Texas-based designer who defines mixing classic pieces with new accessories. “Update it a bit by folding the sleeves and adding a dramatic necklace.” For an even trendier look, go for ruffles from the neck down, exaggerated bows and Edwardian-esque collars which make this staple piece one that transcends the seasons. Anthony is among those who believe that while fashion changes, style remains. Investment […]

  • Playoffs or No Playoffs? The Ongoing BCS Debate

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    Chris DeMarco, Staff Writer Would a playoff system result in Bowl Championship Series busters Boise State and Utah advancing to the National Championship Game? It might. Over the last four years, undefeated Boise State and Utah teams have shocked heavily favored Oklahoma and Alabama, respectively. In both of those seasons, both Boise State and Utah were the only undefeated teams left standing, but yet did not have the opportunity to play for a national championship. A playoff system would be an interesting concept for college football. The current BCS system just does not cut it. Lackluster teams not in the top 10 have no business playing in the BCS games. Conferences should not have automatic bids into the BCS games either. There is no reason a lackluster team from the ACC or the Big East should be any way involved in the BCS. In previous years, we have seen multiple teams playing in the BCS games that were ranked outside the top 10 in 2008 with 19th-ranked Virginia Tech and 12th-ranked Cincinnati, and 2007 with 14th-ranked Wake Forest. Only the top-rated teams should be eligible for the BCS. It would not be that hard to have a playoff in college […]

  • Better Watch Out, Your Redskins Might Sue You: Economy Hits Redskins Season Ticketholders

    Sports September 14, 2009 at 12:13 pm Comments are Disabled

    Chris DeMarco, Staff Writer For someone who already despises the Washington Redskins, like myself, they will have another reason to dislike the Redskins and owner Daniel Snyder. Everyone in the sports world knows that Snyder was a horrible owner, but now we find out he has no heart. Over the last two years, the economy has gone from bad to worse, and we all have felt the repercussions in big ways. Apparently, there are some Redskins season tickets holders, who pay a ridiculous sum of money in the first place, and now they find out because of the bad economy, they can no longer pay for the season tickets. They try to back out of their lengthy contracts with the team and end up getting sued. In most cases, these fans are being court ordered to pay more than two times the amount they were paying in the first place. In The Washington Post’s two-part story, we see certain circumstances in which the financial burden cripples them. A grandmother, who backed out of the agreement due to financial reasons, was ordered by the court to pay close to $66,000 and is close to bankruptcy. It is completely despicable. Why are […]

  • Bringing the High Heat and Heavy Metal

    Sports September 14, 2009 at 12:10 pm Comments are Disabled

    Brian T. Chan, Sports Editor Two years ago, baseball writer for ESPN Insider Jerry Crasnick argued that the best closer debacle was between J.J. Putz, formerly of the Seattle Mariners, and current Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon. Closers are known for two things: saves and heavy metal music. They have a reputation of instilling fear in opposing batters. The ideology behind winning ball games seems to be that teams must find reliable closers, ones that have the mentality of pitching in the ninth inning and ending games with a handshake with their catchers. Trevor Hoffman, who pitched with the San Diego Padres, Florida Marlins, and Milwaukee Brewers, and New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera are currently the only two players to have reached the 500-save club. Yet, most of today’s current closers did not originally start their careers picking up saves. Many pitchers became closers after converting from a starter. Rivera was one of them. Joe Nathan of the Minnesota Twins earned his first save as a member of the San Francisco Giants in 1999. Nathan did not get his second save until 2004, a year after he was traded to the Twins. By then, he was already a […]

  • Friday's Forecast: Women’s Soccer vs. Long Island Blackbirds

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    Brian T. Chan, Sports Editor Overview: The women’s soccer team returns to the pitch on Friday to take on the Long Island Blackbirds. George Mason University opened the 2009 season with three wins, their first 3-0 start since 1993, but dropped their first game against the Pennsylvania Quakers. Mason is 2-0 at home so far this season. Mason: The team is led by senior forward Kelly Keelan, who has two goals and two assists entering this past weekend’s two games in Williamsburg. Although she spent part of the season as the goalkeeper, Keelan led Mason with seven goals and 14 points last season. This season, she has fully committed herself as an offensive player. Redshirt junior midfielder Omolyn Davis is off to a good start with a team-leading three goals. Davis transferred from Lindsey Wilson College, located in Kentucky, and sat out last season due to NCAA regulations. Freshman forward Tiana Kallenberger will be one of the key pieces to Mason’s future. Long Island: The Blackbirds started the season 4-0 and have yet to allow a goal from the opponents. The Blackbirds defeated the San Francisco Dons and San Jose State Spartans to capture the University of San Francisco Odwalla […]

  • Mason Downs Retrievers in Straight Sets

    Sports September 14, 2009 at 12:09 pm Comments are Disabled

    John Powell, Assistant Sports Editor Coming off a three-match sweep in the Patriot Invitational, the women’s volleyball team showed that their early season success was no fluke. On Wednesday night, George Mason University traveled to Catonsville, Md. and dismantled the UMBC Retrievers 25-18, 25-21, 25-15. Mason’s success came down to two players: sophomore middle blocker Kelsey Bohman and junior middle blocker and opposite hitter Holly Goode. Bohman was named the CAA Defensive Player of the Week on Tuesday. She has already tied the school single-match block total, accomplishing the feat by making 11 total blocks against Cornell in the Patriot Invitational. In addition to the CAA weekly recognition, she was named the Best Hitter of the Patriot Invitational. Bohman continued her defensive hot streak Friday night by recording a team high four blocks for the game. In addition, she bolstered the team’s attack column by registering an attack percent of .571. This was accomplished by smashing four kills without making an error. Goode compiled 12 kills over the game, making the best of the 23 chances she had during the night. Most notably, she was responsible for garnering 15 of Mason’s total 53 points during the match. Former CAA All-Rookie […]