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  • Minor League Report

    Sports September 14, 2009 at 12:08 pm Comments are Disabled

    Tim Blank, Broadside Correspondent Former George Mason University pitcher Mike Modica had a rough outing this past Monday. Pitching for the Class-A Tri-City Valley Cats, Modica, an 11-game winner for Mason last year, pitched two innings and recorded two strikeouts, but gave up two hits and an error in the 4-2 loss to the Aberdeen Ironbirds. Pitcher Shawn Griffith is putting up some good outings for the Class-A Auburn Doubledays after being called up last week. In his 23 appearances, Griffith, an electric relief pitcher, is 2-2, with a 0.60 ERA. In his recent outing against the Jamestown Jammers on Monday, Griffith pitched two innings and recorded a strikeout while giving up a hit and a walk. Jordan Flasher of the Class-A Lowell Spinners could not ask for a better start to his minor league career. He is 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA and has 13 strikeouts to go with eight walks. First baseman Justin Bour is currently batting .267 with four home runs and 23 RBIs for the Class-A Boise Hawks. Finally, Mason’s single-season and all-time home run leader Scott Krieger continues his stellar performance for the Helena Brewers in rookie league. Krieger has a .251 batting average with […]

  • A Personal Reflection: What Freedom Means to Me

    Editorials September 14, 2009 at 11:56 am Comments are Disabled

    Ethan Vaughan,  Staff Writer Coming out is different for everyone. For me, it happened this summer, and the worst part of the experience was anticipating what those around me were going to think. I allowed my fears to grow so out of control that by the time I finally sat my parents down to have the talk, I was surprised at how mild their reaction was. When they said they didn’t care what I was, and that they loved me, and that above everything else they wanted me to be happy, it caught me off guard. I’d prepared myself for an epic, hours-long conversation, but found that after five minutes there was nothing more to be said. They accepted me. That was it. I came away with a feeling of profound gratitude, built upon the realization that others before me, and many even today, faced real battles just to be who they were. We who enjoy the rights that others fought and died for are blessed, and we should remember it. When things are difficult, I try to. I am so thankful that I was born when I was; in 1988 rather than in 1968 or 1948. I am thankful […]

  • If You Listen, They Will Stay: The Voiced Frustrations Against Ignorance

    Editorials September 14, 2009 at 11:55 am Comments are Disabled

    William Curtis, Opinion Editor We’ve all seen them. Preaching the words of ignorance, intolerance and hatred, despite their own beliefs that they’re speaking the truth to every college in the nation. Simply give a man a soapbox and he becomes that all-encompassing voice of reason, right? Wrong. I’ve been at George Mason University now for roughly five years, and ever since my freshman year, I’ve witnessed these insane extremists preach that women only belong in the kitchen, that gays are going to be the destruction of the world, and that well, if you masturbate, God is going to kill more than just a kitten. But what gives these preachers of pestilence the authority to tell us what is right and wrong? Did God really imbue these moronic mundane miscreants with the knowledge and necessity to go and sermonize to the masses of every college in the United States? For what purpose? I mean, I can understand wanting to teach students the importance of the belief in God, and that some of the things we do are wrong. I get that. But I am a firm believer that telling someone that they are going to Hell just because they are Arabic […]

  • Letter to the Editor

    Editorials September 14, 2009 at 11:55 am Comments are Disabled

    Emma Nay, Communication I am letting you know ahead of time that I am a Libertarian, which is pretty much in the middle of the political spectrum. Honestly, I’m not so sure how I feel about health care reform. In “Healthcare Reform: Is Change Really Worth Losing a Finger?”, the author states, “You begin to think how something so simple as health care could cause so many people to become so enraged.” My question is, how is health care simple? Healthcare can easily make someone angry. If it is going to affect me and my family, yes, health care reform can be extremely scary. The author also states how people put up a red flag to anything that relates to socialism. In America, do you know how long it takes for a person to get an MRI? Somewhere between a couple of hours and a couple of days depending on how many appointments there are at the office. In Canada, a country with socialized healthcare, the average person can get an MRI in up to three months. If they’re extremely lucky, they can get an MRI in a couple of weeks. “If you take a look at medicine in European countries […]

  • The Role of an RA: Students' Misconceptions Addressed

    Editorials September 14, 2009 at 11:54 am Comments are Disabled

    Ryan Dempsey, Staff Writer One of the hardest on-campus jobs there could ever be at George Mason University is that of a resident advisor. The job of a resident advisor is one that never really ends and is something that a lot of on-campus residents take for granted. In my three years of being an RA, I have heard a lot of common misconceptions about the job. Many residents think that RAs go around campus looking for an incident, attempting to go out of our way to bust any and every resident for having alcohol or drugs in their room. Others believe we are nothing more than arrogant snitches that are power hungry. In all actuality, RAs know we do not get paid enough to act as law enforcement, as full-time babysitters or as parents. Resident advisors are responsible for building a community within their residence halls, advising and being a resource for residents whenever they are in need and promoting a safe environment in the residence halls, which happens to also mean communicating and upholding housing and university policies. Many people at this university do not even know how much preparation goes into being an RA. First, resident advisors […]