Julia Harding, Broadside Correspondent

Every year, college students are faced with the challenge of choosing a costume for their Halloween adventures.

Unfortunately, most students continue to make the same mistakes over and over again: Wearing the same ridiculously lame costumes from years prior.

Halloween is the best holiday to show off uniqueness, so people should take advantage of it instead of wearing the same attire their best friend wore last year. To help out, Broadside is here to talk about which costumes to avoid this year. Unless, of course, you want to be part of the average, boring and ultimately lame agenda. Here’s a list of the top three most overused, annoying costumes for men and women.


Pimps: Really, guys? Do men actually think that this is appealing to women, even on a night of fun? Sorry gentlemen, but your grills and pimp cups aren’t much of a turn-on for the ladies. Seriously though, this is definitely one of the most overdone costumes because every man who wears this outfit is obviously out to stroke his own ego.

Perhaps men think that their cheap, bedazzled pimp canes are an extension of their manhood.
The answers to why men degrade themselves with this silly outfit are left unknown, but beware ladies. If he is dressed as a pimp, he is probably interested in finding employees to suit his job.

Homicidal Maniacs: Going as the Scream murderer this year? Thanks for the trip back to the 90’s. Honestly, nobody is intimidated by the same psychotic killer each year. Get a costume with some originality. Just because Hollywood can’t produce a new slayer doesn’t mean that the rest of society has to follow the same pathetic trend.

Pirates: Everyone loves Johnny Depp, not the people that imitate him year after year. It was cute and fun the first time around, but please put a stop to everyone else’s agony. Don’t forget about that sexy plastic sword or that matted beard. Hot!


Naughty Occupational Costumes: Whether your costume is a nurse, librarian, policewoman, French maid or schoolgirl, it’s all old and overdone. It doesn’t matter which costume you chose, they all rank pretty high on the skank-o-meter.

Sorceresses or Witches: These costumes are as old as Halloween itself. Typically, unless the outfits rank into the naughty section (in which case, the offenders of the number one overdone costume are delighted), they go down to your ankles and are jet black. So have fun looking like a great-grandmother at a funeral since that’s so ingenious and imaginative.

Disney Princesses: How adorable . . . if you’re eight. Seeing an adult woman dressed as Cinderella just looks like she’s working at a Disney theme park. Why don’t we leave the magic carpet rides and talking tea cups to those who actually watch the movies?