Ryan Dempsey, Staff Writer

Men’s College Basketball

As the men’s college basketball season is getting ready to start, the Associated Press has announced its rankings for the preseason poll. The AP voted the Kansas Jayhawks number one in the country with Michigan State Spartans, the Texas Longhorns, the Kentucky Wildcats and the Villanova Wildcats rounding out the top five.

The AP ranked the defending national champions, North Carolina Tar Heels, sixth and their biggest rival, Duke Blue Devils, ninth.


Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig has announced that MLB will be looking into the use of instant replay next season.

Selig, who is against expanding the use of replays beyond home-run calls, personally believes that the tempo of the game will change dramatically with the use of instant replays. Despite his anti-replay beliefs, Selig understands that there is a serious issue at hand and that it must be addressed immediately.

“I understand we have had some incidents that were most unfortunate,” Selig said. “They were controversial and beyond controversial. There is no sense in hiding that, nor would I.”

Whether or not the Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series back-to-back, the team that has played so impressively for two consecutive seasons should get the recognition they deserve.

The Phillies were able to go into New York City last Wednesday and dismantle the Yankees in their new stadium. The Phillies were able to show every baseball fan that despite analysts hyping the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees, the Phillies are for real.


In case you have not had your fill of Brett Favre drama this year, FOX has decided that they are going to give you a little more.

According to The New York Times, reporter Judy Battista first mentioned on Twitter that “Fox is going to have ‘Favre-cam’ Sunday, providing a non-stop online feed of Favre’s every move at Lambeau.”

The Star-Tribune confirmed this news from FOX and that there was, in fact, a camera on the 50-yard line. I guess when you create so much drama, you get a personal NFL camera on you at all times. Honestly, it is surprising Terrell Owens does not have one as well.


After one of the most amazing and dramatic years of tennis in quite some time, Serena Williams finished the year-end ranking as number one in the world.

Many critics are against Williams taking the number one spot. Williams has had many tough moments in 2009. She threatened a player, famously threatened a line judge and was thrown out of a match. Williams was last ranked number one in 2002.

“2009 has been a truly memorable season for me during which I enjoyed some of my biggest career wins,” said Williams. “Capturing the year-end world number one ranking is a huge accomplishment for me and I am thrilled that all the hard work has paid off.”