To my seniors,

First, I have no words to describe how much you mean to me. After three years of having a routine together and seeing each other every day, it’s hard to think that the season will be over soon. It is hard to think that we played our last home game together this past Saturday. I still cannot imagine going on the court without you being there. My definition of George Mason University volleyball includes having Laura Turner, Rebecca Walter and Sam Simmonds as teammates. I do not know what is to come of Mason volleyball without you.

You were the ones who guided me through all my years at Mason so far, on and off the court. Whether I needed a shoulder to cry or had a smile to share, you guys were always there for me. You were my role models, the people I would look up to when I questioned myself. Now, I have to grow up. I have always been the baby, the young one. Now, I have to become the older sister, the responsible one, and play the role you always played for me, which scares me to a certain extent. It scares me to take the responsibility and pressure that you guys have been taking even though I am fascinated by that position.

As a friend, teammate and roommate, I could not be more proud of you three. I was not here for your first year, but I can get a taste of how pleasant, and sometimes painful, your volleyball journey has been.

I know there were times you wanted to quit everything, go back home and forget this entire experience. I also know there were times when you couldn’t imagine yourself doing anything else other than playing volleyball for Mason. I know how much you guys have changed and I know that this change is something to be proud of. Congratulations!

This weekend you concluded a beautiful journey that will leave not only unreachable stats in Mason history, but the friends and memories you have encountered along the way.

So I am here to congratulate and thank you three. I am thankful for being part of your college experience and for having you as teammates. Congratulations for fighting until the end and for overcoming all the challenges crossed your way. Whether it was a physical or emotional challenge, you made it.

I will miss you guys, but I am sure the world out there is waiting for you and everything you have to offer. So make the best of it!

Love from your teammate and friend,