Ethan Vaughan, Asst. News Editor

George Mason University’s Center of Consciousness Transformation, in conjunction with MasonLEADS, will host a Leadership and Positive Psychology Conference in SUB II on March 19.

The conference is being organized by New Century College students taking NCLC 295, an events management class, and while it is “geared mainly for Mason’s undergrads,” anyone may attend.

The students said the function’s main purpose was to give attendees tools to “improve . . . leadership effectiveness” and “grow . . . workplace satisfaction.”

Participants will hear from keynote speakers on positive psychology and leadership skills and will take part in panel discussions on the same subjects.

Among the presenters are faculty members Jim Harter and Shane Lopez, who work with the Gallup Organization, and Todd Kashdan and Tojo Thatchenkery, who have written books related to the conference topics.

Undergraduate students will be charged $15 to take part, while graduate students will pay $25 and non-students will pay $50.