By Rachael Dickson, Mason Nation Four Years Later Editor-in-Chief

D’Leon Barnett and Jacky Yoo
D’Leon Barnett and Jacky Yoo were named the next George Mason University student body president and vice president this week, marking the end of a competitive election that featured significant campaigning from all parties and higher voter turnout than ever before.

According to Chairperson Dale Warfield of the Elections and Disputes Commission, who announced the results today in the Johnson Center Atrium, the 3,961 votes in this election were the most ever cast.

Barnett and Yoo garnered over 1,200 votes, about 31 percent of the total.

Barnett spoke briefly to the large lunchtime crowd. “We’d like to thank everybody at George Mason for answering the call to action,” Barnett said.

He later commented, “We’re ready to bridge the gap between students, faculty and administrators,” citing a commitment to diversity.

Barnett and Yoo’s closest competitors among the four other pairs running for the executive offices were Lynn Gold and Dominic Pody, who had 971 votes (about 25 percent). Sean Hobaugh and Evan Massengill came in third with 653 votes, with Shane Smith and Rich Everett only two votes behind. Jill Ferron and Mark Murphy received 275 votes.

The competition for the Student Senate seats was more stiff than years past as well, with 45 candidates running for 30 seats.

Several candidates pulled in over 500 votes and still did not win seats. All the winning candidates gained 588 votes or more.

Returning Senator Chelsea Bateman had the most votes at 1,017.