By Ramy Zabarah, Staff Writer

In the heavily anticipated American remake of the 2007 British comedy Death at a Funeral, Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan and many other well-known actors have come together to show the importance of family and acceptance, while still making us laugh.

Last week, I had the privilege of sitting in on a conference-call interview with both Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan, and I listened as they shared stories about the movie and their experiences while shooting it.

The plot of the film follows a group of family members and friends who come together to mourn the death of their patriarch, the father of the two main characters, Aaron, played by Chris Rock and Ryan, played by Martin Lawrence. It is here that problems arise, including the discovery that, prior to his death, their father was romantically involved with another man.

“The movie is about acceptance. This guy’s dad was gay, but he loved him to death,” Rock says. Morgan believes it’s more about family values. “Family keeps you honest, and they keep you grounded,” says Morgan. “It’s unfortunate that we all have to come together sometimes because somebody died.”

With a cast including such big names as Danny Glover, Lawrence, Zoe Saldana and Luke Wilson, shooting this movie was sure to be an interesting experience for everyone.

“It was fun seeing comedians,” said Rock when asked about how it felt to be involved with such an all-star cast. “When you start out, you see comedians all the time. You see them in the clubs, you see them in the comedy clubs, the deli, the diner. As you get older, people get families. They get careers. You don’t see nobody.”

Both Rock and Morgan. who were previous cast members on the famous late night sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, agree that their experiences on the show have helped train them for their acting careers.

Death at a Funeral was released Friday nationwide, and is one of the only American films to be remade so soon after the original.