What is it?

  • MultiVision Media, Inc. has decided to re-introduce a new tournament-style format that has been absent from the sport for more than 15 years.
  • Tickets range from $24 to $350 per seat and have been on sale through TicketMaster and the Patriot Center.
  • Every fighter was hand selected by the company and currently sports a winning record. They will each participate in the 155-pound weight class.


  • Rounds one and two will be composed of two five-minute rounds; a three-minute overtime will be used if necessary to decide a winner.
  • Round three, the finals, will increase to three five-minute rounds.
  • No elbows will be allowed in any of the bouts.

Eight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters will come to the George Mason University’s Patriot Center on Sept. 10 to participate in a single elimination tournament, hosted by Shine Fights Promotions.

This will be the first MMA event of this tournament style in more than 15 years.

Instead of the classic event, in which two fighters are pitted one-on-one, spectators will have the chance to witness a total of seven matches, starting at 9 p.m.

General tickets range from $24 to $350 and are available through Ticketmaster and the Patriot Center. The promoters expect the event to sell out.

Each fighter has a winning record and will participate in the 155-pound class. Among the combatants are Rich Crunkilton, the undefeated Josh Shockley, Drew Fickett, the former PFC Lightweight Champion Carlo Prater, “The Unbreakable Heavy Hitter” James Warfield, Marcus Aurello, Hector Muñoz and the on-and-off-stage brawler Charles Bennett.

Shine gave fans the opportunity to vote for the opening round match-ups online.

Shine said that campus fraternities were given an opportunity to fundraise by selling tickets, however no fraternity could be reached by deadline.

Concerns have arisen over the fighters’ well being. For instance, if a fighter continues to win, he could compete in three fights in a single night. To address these matters, the tournament has made some special stipulations.

Rounds one and two will be composed of two 5-minute rounds. A 3-minute overtime round will be added if needed to decide a winner.

Round three (finals) will increase to three 5-minute rounds. Thrown elbows will not be allowed. If a fighter is not fit to compete, there will be two alternate bouts, since his opponent would need to win three to be proclaimed the winner.

If this event, and those like it, goes well, MMA fans may see a rise in the number of one-night tournaments, and MMA may not be as heavily dominated by the Ultimate Fighting Championship.