MasonLive, the new e-mail system, is open to all students. New students already have the e-mail address, and returning students are encouraged to opt-in before the mandatory, automatic switch comes mid-semester.

The new e-mail system allows users more than 200 times more space in their inboxes than the MEMO mail, the current GMU e-mail account. MasonLive is only for students. Faculty and staff must continue to use the MEMO mail because the state of Virginia and Mason regulations require employee e-mail to be hosted at George Mason University, and Microsoft only offered the service to students and alumni.

­­David Robinson, director of client relations in the Technology Systems Division, explained that one new feature of MasonLive that MEMO mail lacked is the use of the back button.
“It works like any other social networking site.” said Robinson, “Instead of disconnecting you when you hit the back button it continues to the site.”