Marc Anthony at a recent performance. Courtesy photo.

Marc Anthony at a recent performance. Courtesy photo.

Saturday night the Patriot Center was filled with the sounds of hot and spicy salsa.

Marc Anthony, one of the world’s most famous Latin salsa artists, shook up the stage and brought down the house song after song, entertaining the pumped-up audience.

The biggest moment of the night came when Anthony was taken aback by an almost five-minute standing ovation from the crowd. To show his appreciation, Anthony bowed down to the audience and kissed the stage floor.

“Wow,” was all Anthony managed to say with tears in his eyes and his hand on his heart.

“This has got to be the loudest place in the United States right now,” said Anthony to the crowd’s reaction.

“Last night, we played Madison Square Garden and it wasn’t even half as loud. You guys pack a punch. Now, I got to go back to New York and tell them to wake up!”

Anthony’s stage presence was undeniable. His singing and dance moves captivated the audience.

“I love his music, especially the salsa. It’s romantic. It’s sexy,” said Gaby Weissenberg from Maryland.

Anthony performed many songs from his latest album, Iconos, released in May 2010 including the most popular “Abrázame Muy Fuerte” (Embrace Me Tightly.) The album features classic Latin ballads from artists such as José José, Juan Gabriel, and José Luis Perale mixed with contemporary Latin pop and salsa.

“Iconos brings me back to the old days. It reminds me of my parents and what they would listen to and I love it because of that,” said long-time fan Marlon Weissenberg from Maryland.

From Anthony’s lively and vigorous performances to the crowd’s deafening cries, the night was a huge success for him as well as his audience.

The concert was summed up best by Anthony in two Spanish words: “Que lindo” (how beautiful.)