It is officially football season.

It’s the season of touchdown celebrations and post-sack dances. It’s the season of game winning field goals and head-rattling wallops. And, most importantly, it’s the season of over confident Redskins fans who seem a bit too excited for another disappointing, underachieving season – which, by the way, is one of my favorite parts of football season.

And that, my friends, is where we are going to begin this week’s installment of the Word:

Word on the street is that Skins’ fans are expecting a record that falls somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-6. Those who are feeling a bit bold are going as far as saying that the Skins will finish at 10-6 in a worst case scenario.

Keep in mind the Redskins finished 4-12 last season. Someone please explain to me how anyone in their right mind can believe that Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb are worth six wins. Clinton Portis is bound to be out nursing a hangnail by week three.

Albert Haynesworth – the one weapon, outside of Brian Orakpo, that poses any sort of threat to opposing QBs – may be dealt because Shanahan would prefer to hold on to his ego as opposed to keeping around a proven superstar.

I’ll give them a 9-7 record. And that’s only because I’m feeling generous.

Feel free to send me as much hate mail as you’d like. I welcome it. In fact, I would completely understand because I’d be upset too if I was a Redskins fan.

And I’d be upset if I was a Virginia Tech fan as well.

I had this article written much differently before I sat down on Saturday afternoon and watched as the Hokies got ripped apart by the James Madison Dukes. Yes, you read that correctly. Virginia Tech got waxed at home by a Division I-AA team from the Colonial Athletic Association. I was going to let it slide after they lost to Boise State because, hey, the Broncos were ranked third in the nation beforehand and they’ve got a very good team. But I can’t let this one go. I just can’t.

But let’s be completely honest: Whether you’re a Hokie fan or not, you had to have known that Tech was overrated coming into this season. Maybe not overrated enough to get slapped by JMU at home but they were certainly overrated. Face it, Tyrod Taylor is a poor man’s Terrelle Pryor (who, for the record, is a Buckeye).

And the thing that I find the most entertaining is that, through two weeks in the College Football season, the George Mason Patriots’ football team – or lack thereof – has the same number of wins as a team that rounded out the top 10 in the 2010-11 preseason BCS rankings.