Photo courtesy of riverjamie.

Photo courtesy of riverjamie.

An Evening with Kid Cudi, the much anticipated music event organized by George Mason University’s University Life and the Office of Student Involvement, is quickly approaching and excitement is in the air.

According to the Director of the Office of Student Involvement Lauren Long, tickets for the event were only available for 10 hours before the Center for the Arts sold out its Concert Hall. While most students were too late, some are still trying different ways to acquire those tickets.

“I was out of town when the tickets went on sale,” said junior global affairs major Deena El-Rashed.

“When I got back, they were sold out. I tried posting a Facebook status asking if anyone had an extra ticket, but it turned out everyone else on Facebook was also looking for extra tickets.”

While Facebook might be a relatively effective way to find tickets, students may have to result to other ways such as Craigslist or third party ticket sellers like Stub Hub, where tickets for the event are being sold for $150.

Many students are upset that the tickets sold out so quickly, thinking perhaps Kid Cudi should be performing at a larger venue such as the Patriot Center. Junior music major Christine Gonzales believes it could have prevented a lot of anger.

“The most I’d pay for a Kid Cudi concert is $80, and that’s because I’m a big fan,” said Gonzales. “The show should’ve been at the Patriot Center, because then there would be more student involvement, and third party ticket sellers wouldn’t be able to take advantage of students, who have to pay large amounts of money that will never go back to the school anyway.”

While many students could not get their hands on a ticket in time, those who did cannot wait to see what some may call the voice of their generation. Junior communication major Cristian Pineda was able to reserve his spot before the show sold out.

“He’s one of my favorite artists,” said Pineda. “I’m really happy [George Mason University] picked a performer that appeals to our demographic. He’s the kind of artist that talks about our generation, and real hip-hop.”

An Evening with Kid Cudi is scheduled for Thursday at 8 p.m. at Concert Hall in the Center for the Arts.