Over the last five or six weeks, I have made it very clear that I am a huge fan of Cleveland sports while expressing my hatred for Washington teams. And part of the reason I enjoy bashing the District of Columbia teams is that being a Washington fan may be the only thing worse than being a Cleveland fan.

We’ve had our hearts ripped out by Ernest Byner’s fumble, John Elway’s drive and LeBron James’s decision. But at least we’ve had good teams – although not good enough. Washington fans have just grown accustomed to their teams being awful. And that’s worse than anything the Browns, Indians or Cavaliers could ever do to us.

But, with that being said, Cleveland sports teams have a knack for making decisions and comments that just leave me scratching my head and thinking, “What in the world are they thinking?”

For instance, Larry Dolan, owner of the Cleveland Indians, has come up with the brilliant idea to turn Progressive Field into a “winter wonderland” during the offseason. (And I’m using the term ‘brilliant’ very loosely here, folks.) The “Snow Days,” as they are being called, will include holiday-themed trails and places for tubing on the left field bleachers and a rink for ice skating. Rumors are that 150 tons of snow will be brought in to build this winter-themed amusement park.

And I’m not against the “winter wonderland” idea. I love skiing and snow-tubing as much as the next guy, but the stadium was built to house a competitive baseball team. I’d like to see Mr. Dolan focus more of his attention on building a winning ball-club which, by the way, hasn’t happened since he renamed Jacob’s Field in 2008.

Instead, he’s happy making Cleveland the laughing stock of the MLB. There’ll be more people in that stadium for this wintery waste of time than there were during any baseball game this season.

In other big news from the Cleveland sports wire, former all-star point guard Mo Williams was in the news throughout the week for an interview he did with Yahoo following LeBron James’s mockery of the Cavaliers’ franchise.

Williams is an emotional guy. I know that because I’ve watched several post-game interviews. There have been times after a rough performance that I thought he was going to break down and cry right there in front of the media.

But his Yahoo story took it all to a new level for me.

He claims that after getting word that James would not be wearing a Cavaliers uniform next season, he is seriously considering retiring because his feelings were hurt. Now there is no bigger supporter of Williams than me. But come on, man.

That kind of attitude reflects poorly on an organization that is already under fire after the departure of our former king. How can any Cleveland sports fan honestly trust that Williams can ever perform when it really counts?

When the going gets tough, does Williams just give up?