It is the end of another month, ladies and gentlemen. And it is time to take a look at another one of those professional athletes that we all enjoy watching for the simple fact that they provide the world with late night comedy that rivals that of Jimmy Fallon – which, if we’re being honest, isn’t a lofty accomplishment.

After his womanizer comments a few weeks ago and his wealthy display of weak, contact-avoiding give up slides, Clinton Portis seemed like the easy choice. But with Portis in the lead for the Word’s monthly award, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco sidestepped Washington’s dim-witted running back and scooted right into the proverbial end zone to claim September’s Dip of the Month award.

Over the last several years, we’ve all grown accustomed to watching Chad Ochocinco “act a fool.” From his creative, impromptu touchdown celebrations to his relatively new Bachelor-esque television show, Ochocinco does more than just play football. He is an entertainer, too. And a darn good one, I might add.

While all of his antics are amusing in their own right, none of them could ever top his latest miscue.

In a charity-minded effort to raise money for “Feed the Children,” Chad Ochocinco accomplished a feat that only Chad Ochocinco could ever accomplish: the toll-free telephone number listed on the box for potential donators was wrong. And not only was it wrong, but the given number connected interested givers to a seductive-sounding woman who makes risqué suggestions before asking for a credit card number.

For those of you who aren’t following me, an incorrect prefix on the listed toll-free number connected charity-minded callers to an entirely different “charitable trust.” Are you starting to catch my drift now?

After this last blunder, it has become increasingly obvious that there are three things in life that are certain: Death, taxes and that 85 will always provide us with some quality entertainment.

And, for that, Chad Ochocinco is the proud recipient of this September’s Dip of the Month.