Last week I was walking around campus and saw a lot of things. However, what I didn’t see was hip-hop.

Let me clarify. Breaking (breakdancing), scratching (DJing), MCing (rapping) and graffiti are the core elements of hip-hop. But as hard as I try, I can’t seem to find many events that are related to hip-hop at George Mason University.

Why is this the case? With the amount of diversity that we have on campus, we should definitely have more hip-hop related events.

Maybe all the hip-hop heads are in hiding, but if that’s the case, then they need to advertise their events more.

I have never seen a single rap cypher (freestyling done in a group setting) take place on campus.

At a bare minimum this should be taking place on campus, and I think that the empty alley next to the library would be an ideal location.

There has got to be some hip-hop related talent on campus. Ever since I arrived on campus last year, I have been craving for a forum where I could see people showcase their rap or scratching skill.

Are you telling me that I can sit in my room in Hampton Roads and listen to some guy strum on his guitar down at the Pilot House but I can’t find a decent hip-hop related event? I thought this campus was supposed to be diverse.

I remember last year Urbanknowlogy 101 hosted a hip-hop gathering in Student Union Building I, but other than that I don’t know of many hip-hop related events on campus.

The most memorable act was when this guy got up on stage and spit an acapella written verse. It was astounding.

For the few minutes that he rapped, the room was silent, and everyone was paying attention to what he was saying.
When you’re as good as he is, people listen.

I think that it’s riduculous that we have so many rock and acoustic events on campus, but we have almost nothing dealing with hip-hop.

In other words, we lack outlets for those skilled in hip-hop to express themselves, even though we provide students who can play guitar or sing rock songs with countless opportunites.

That is flat-out bullshit.

Mason is supposed to be a school of many cultures and traditions. Well, hip-hop is one of the most vibrant cultures that I can think of.

Hip-hop is about self-expression and free thought and also about showcasing your skill.

It’s not about being violent, doing drugs or anything of that nature.

Those are just stereotypes that have been attached to the culture.

Those of us here at Mason need to show that this is the case, and that educated students can still be involved in hip-hop culture.

You don’t have to be a signed artist to be called an MC. You don’t have to be a professional dancer in order to break and you don’t need to be a trained producer in order to scratch and make beats.

Hip-hop is for everyone. It’s universal, and I want to see more of it on campus.