The Word is back this week, ladies and gentlemen. I will admit that I faked an injury last week to get out of a little bit of writing. I just wanted to give my younger teammates an opportunity to write a little more. So it’s OK.

Wait, who am I kidding? What kind of fool would fake an injury to give his younger teammates an opportunity to play and then admit to his fans that he lied? Well, I suppose it’s the kind named Gilbert Arenas.

After a regular season, followed by an offseason, plagued with struggles and difficulties, Arenas seemed to have undergone some sort of transformation before reporting to training camp. He wasn’t the same Agent Zero that we’ve all seen in the past.

He had a very business-like mentality; he wasn’t smiling a whole lot – which was very noticeable when the Wizards had their tip-off event at the Patriot Center; but he looked to have learned a valuable lesson after being suspended for the remainder of the season last year, following his poor decision to bring guns into the locker room.

But it didn’t take long before he went back to the same, naïve Arenas. Prior to a game on Oct. 12, Arenas complained about a sore knee to Coach Flip Saunders and, therefore, missed the game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Right after the game, Arenas confessed to reporters – and the few fans he has left – that he had to fake the injury so that a younger teammate could get some playing time.


Then, a few days later, he spoke to the media and gave yet another sob story saying, “I screwed up again, so I just want to say sorry. I wasn’t really thinking that this was going to be another media outburst. It’s like everything I do now, someone, tit for tat, tries to blow it out of proportion.”

Allow me to clarify: Arenas lied to the coaching staff about an injury, told the media that he faked an injury, and then proceeded to get upset because the media blew it out of proportion. Makes perfect sense to you, right?

Well apparently it does in the mind of Agent Zero, the “Zero” apparently indicating his lack of intelligence.