“Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

This statement, made by Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron in “Mean Girls,” is one of those unique quotes which acknowledges something that is so seemingly ridiculous and yet so accurate at the same time, much like the write-ups found on stuffwhitepeoplelike.com.

In other words, it’s funny because it’s true.

However, when considering the fact that this line appeared in a movie that successfully portrayed and exaggerated the laughable drama which girls are both instigators and victims of, we are left to question what these words really say about young females of this generation.

Was it an accurate representation of girls at Halloween when Karen showed up to Gretchen’s house in lingerie and informed her that she was dressed as a mouse (duh), when the only suggestion of this was the furry ears on her head?
Despite how exaggerated this scene appears to be, it does recognize a truth about young girls.

Whether or not we want to admit it, we love excuses to dress like sluts and Halloween is a holiday that has evolved over time into a reason for us to do just that.

A major element of Halloween celebrations for high school and college students is girls showing more skin than is normally appropriate and guys eating it up.

Yes, the Janis Ians out there will condemn this and insist that they have too much self-respect and class to conform to such a tradition.

However, the young females who love to hate on this annual excuse to dress provocatively generally do so because they are too self-conscious about themselves or their bodies to join the slutty attire trend.

Of course, there do exist young women who are perfectly comfortable with themselves and are still, for one reason or another, in disagreement with this skin-bearing tradition.

Kudos to you for standing up for what you believe in but honestly ladies, you’re a rare breed this time of year.

While there are plenty of tastefully sexy Halloween costumes out there for girls, the most common ones that every girl will wear at some point in her life are undeniably intended to arouse.

Some of these are sexy cop, nurse, secretary, school girl, Playboy bunny, sailor, Greek goddess, Egyptian princess, Native American, angel, devil, milkmaid, cowgirl and fairy, to name a few.

If you’re dressed as one of these and you don’t somehow slut it up, you’re about as original as an essay in 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced with one inch margins.

In other words, show some skin or choose a more unique costume.

Girls who refuse to wear a costume that accentuates cleavage, stomach, legs or buns can occasionally compensate with a strikingly imaginative costume that draws attention with its distinctiveness instead of with a lack of material.

Whichever attire you choose for this holiday, be sure to do it with a smile on your face and avoid hating on those girls who take advantage of the chance to get away with dressing slutty.

The fact is that this trashy tradition will come right back around next year and females only have flaunt-worthy bods for so long.