It’s now clear who will represent Virginia’s 11th Congressional District in the 112th Congress after Republican Keith Fimian officially conceded the election to incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly Tuesday.

The race between Connolly and Fimian had been too close to call since election night, even with Connolly having a slight advantage that led him to unofficially declare victory that night.

Mason’s Fairfax campus sits in the 11th Congressional District.

Under Virginia law, Fimian could have asked for a taxpayer funded recount based on Connolly’s narrow lead of just 981 votes, but in today’s announcement Fimian said he would not pursue a recount because he has not seen any obvious election errors.

“After much discussion with friends and supporters, I have decided not to pursue a recount and not to further investigate possible discrepancies in the election results,” Fimian said in a released statement. “Therefore I congratulate Congressman Connolly on his victory and send him good wishes as he moves forward to do the people’s business. For me, today is the end of this campaign.”