First dates – we all know the protocol. There are some things that just aren’t appropriate to talk about. If you don’t have too many beverages and make a conscious effort to steer clear of hot button issues, then you may save yourself some embarrassment.

Over break, some of my friends were telling me about a couple of dates they went on and it seems like the perfect time for me to make it clear what you absolutely should not talk about on a first date.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is not cute to brag about how much money you make or things you own. No matter how much you think this will increase your chances of getting laid, money is not the best way to get somebody to like you for you.

Telling a person you just met how much you earn is a major turn off and has no relevance. Also, do not talk about how little you make, either. (In guy lingo, that’s like admitting you are a gold digger.)

Do not bore him with your life story. If a guy is out on a date with you, it is because he is interested in who you are now. I promise he could really care less about your high school cheerleading competition days or your old swim team days. Trust me, this is a mistake I myself have made. Talk about something cool you have going on right now.
Another part of your past you should leave out is the stories from the good old partying stage. Guys that are actually interested in you want to respect you, just as you should strive to be respectable.

Telling a guy how many times you passed out or how many people you’ve slept with is a one way ticket to Singlesville. Ladies, the more secrets you keep on the first date, the better!

He also does not need a play by play of your work day. He might be interested in what you do, but not the intricacies of your workplace relationships and struggles. Trust me, he doesn’t care that much.

By the time you are talking about how many e-mails you sent that day, he pictured your nipples in at least five different shapes and sizes. He is still a guy, honey!

Health problems really should be saved for after you are dating somebody. Although he may like you and even possibly like you a lot, telling him about yeast infections or how you get headaches every single day may turn him off.

Remember giving out such personal information when you barely know him may make him only picture the wrong things about you when he sees you.

Last but certainly not least, do not talk about your ex (or other guys you are dating)! It might seem obvious but too many of us make this first date faux pas over and over again.

If you are dating a few guys at the same time, that’s fine, just keep it casual and not serious until you find the one you really like. But do not let any of them know you are seeing other people. That is just not good dating manners.

To recap: Keep conversations light and flowing, no personal stuff on the first date and leave a lot to his imagination. Also, don’t put out too soon either!