The LCD screens around campus will soon have audio as well as video capabilities.

“We’re hoping by the end of this month or the beginning of March to have a student government commercial on the LCD screens,” said Nitesh Arora, the undersecretary of media relations for student government.

The LCD screens are controlled by Orca TV, which has been subcontracted to help administer the televisions. The addition of sound came after Orca TV’s last contract expired. When a competitor came in, Orca TV upgraded the technical abilities of the screens, said Breana Nesbitt, a sophomore government and international politics major who chairs student government’s University Relations Committee.

“The new addition of LCD screens is a great way for students to be better informed of the different policies that are going on on campus,” Nesbitt said. “Tuition is increasing as well as other things now have the ability to be heard by so many students in central areas around campus.”

The student government commercial will publicize the new capabilities of the LCD screens.

“Student members who are running elections can use it,” Arora said. “Students who need volunteers, faculty members and student organizations too.”
In addition, Arora said the commercials will range in length from 15 seconds to one minute.

To submit a video to be played on the LCD screens, visit the student center’s website at