Redskins coach Mike Shanahan had recently made the decision to move the team’s training camp away from its current location in Ashburn, Va.

George Mason University was selected as a prime candidate because of its proximity to Washington D.C. and its facilities, including the new Mason Inn, which would have been taken over by the Redskins organization for the month of August.

It was decided, however, that the Redskins would not be moving to Mason for their training.

George Mason Athletics Director Tom O’Connor stated that there were two unofficial visits to Mason by members of the Redskins organization to determine if the facilities were adequate for the training camp. The Redskins were pleased with the fields and accommodations; however problems arose when talks of when the Redskins would be here began.

There are currently ongoing negotiations between the NFL and the players’ union, in which a lockout by the players (in which they refuse to play) is a possibility. These discussions are still occurring and many of the issues are yet to be resolved. This means that players are not sure if they will even be playing when the season begins.
Issues of player pay, number of games played, and retiree benefits are being discussed, but the players are yet to come to any type of consensus with management.
For these reasons, the Redskins organization is unable to provide the dates at which they would be using Mason’s facilities.

Without adequate information as to when the Redskins would be coming, or if they would be coming, Mason is unable to host the team at this time.
O’Connor stated that the entire situation could be described as being “blown out of proportion”, as the meetings held with the Redskins were strictly preliminary, yet sparked a media frenzy over the situation.

Even though the Redskins move did not take place, O’Connor made it clear in the interview that Mason would always welcome any organizations that wished to come here, from athletics to the arts.