The George Mason University Faculty Senate convened in a special meeting on Wednesday to discuss revisions to the current faculty handbook. According to the meeting’s agenda, the revisions were written and overseen by the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee in conjunction with Senior Associate University Counsel Brian Walther and “representatives from the Provost’s Office, Human Resources and the faculty.” The revisions discussed were minor with no major changes in policy being considered.

The faculty handbook was most recently revised in 2009. Changes then were largely language- and clarity-based, with some sections being moved or rewritten for precision.

There were 25 members of the Senate in attendance on Wednesday, which is one short of the 26 needed for a quorum, denying the opportunity to vote on the revisions. The vote on this issue has been moved to the next meeting on April 6.

As the provost has already approved the changes, if approved by the Faculty Senate, the revisions will proceed to the Board of Visitors for final approval. This was the only issue discussed at the meeting.