Tenzing Gyari shows her unique sense of style. Photo by Tea Hadzic.

Tenzing Gyari isn’t afraid to be different. This Tibetan trendsetter racks up fashion knowledge as she travels around the globe. Her style is earthy and simple, yet very noticeable. Find out which key item she absolutely cannot live without and why she loves being two inches taller on weekends.

Who: Tenzing Gyari, senior anthropology major

Describe your style: Nomadic Bohemian floating around the East Coast.

Fashion Icon: I don’t really have one specific fashion icon, but more so a full appreciation for all the various styles that shape up our creative world of fashion. The concept of mixing different cultures and forming one fresh blend is what really inspires me.

Favorite fashion item: I have these really cute wedges (suede in material with monochromatic color scheme) that I bought in Japan two summers ago. I find myself wearing them out almost every single weekend and the compliments have yet to stop rolling in. What I love most about them is the fact that I can dress them up for fancy events, yet also bring them down to a super-comfy look. Plus, I love the extra two inches it lends me for an evening out.

Favorite place to shop: I’m not really big into shopping, but when it happens I’m almost always floating through and purchasing stuff from H&M. Also, a majority of my pieces are actually from Asia.

Must have fashion accessory: A scarf! I have an array of scarves from all over the world —each one rich in color, texture and print. I’m never without one and I always feel incomplete if I don’t have one lingering around me somewhere. I find that a simple thing like a scarf can really pull a look together and complete it.