George Mason University Student Government presidential candidate Michael DeMatteo was removed from candidacy by the Election and Dispute Commission on Wednesday after Kristie Colorado, chair of the Mason College Republicans, filed a grievance regarding a voicemail and several text messages which she considered to be of a threatening nature.

The EDC found that content in a series of April 4–5 communications from DeMatteo to Colorado “stated a number of vague threats, and a concrete threat, to ‘have [Colorado] blacklisted by the Republican Party of Virginia. And I will do it and I can do it with a text message.’”

DeMatteo did not dispute Colorado’s claims at an EDC hearing on Tuesday, according to an EDC document.

According to the commission, the statements rise to a level of “extreme misconduct in the form of a threat.” The commission determined that with this finding it is “bound by mandates” in 6 CSG 605, which states the Election Judicial Board has the right to remove candidates for several different offenses.

The EDC ruled to recommend to Colorado that she report the communications to university and law enforcement officials.

Since DeMatteo has been removed from the election, his running mate Michael Lillie has also been removed. As of 6 p.m. last Wednesday, students could still select DeMatteo’s ticket on the ballot, though a statement by EDC notes their decision.

DeMatteo has released a comment which can be viewed at Connect2Mason by visiting Lillie declined to comment.

Colorado filed two grievances. The first came after DeMatteo made a statement in which he said he was endorsed by the College Republicans. The EDC ruled that DeMatteo was in violation of election standards, which state that candidates must receive any endorsements or sponsorships in writing.

DeMatteo did not dispute the allegation that he had not received formal endorsement by the College Republicans, according to an EDC document.

Colorado then filed a second grievance with the EDC after DeMatteo left a voicemail followed by multiple text messages. An email was also sent from DeMatteo to Colorado and others questioning her leadership abilities, according to an EDC document.

The EDC ruled that DeMatteo be removed from the election due to the content of the voicemail and text messages and that Colorado should report DeMatteo’s actions to university officials and to law enforcement, according to an EDC document.

The voicemail said: “Kristie, Michael DeMatteo here. I’m just giving you a call here because I got an EDC grievance that you had filed. Two options, I want you to come to the meeting tonight at seven. If you don’t, I’ll have you blacklisted by the Republican Party of Virginia. And I will do it, and I can do it with a text message. So, be there, or else face the consequences because I’m sick and tired of this crap. I will be a candidate either way but I want you to come to this meeting so it will be squared away or else like I said, there will be dramatic consequences that you do not want to see. Thanks, and you know the number. Great, bye.”

One text message concerning Colorado’s presence at the hearing, according to an EDC document, said: “U know if the shoe was on the other foot I would have called u to discuss b4 I filed anything. U know how heat of the moment those debates r and I have support from both parties. Its politics Kristie. U should know that. Theres an old saying: if u cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I suggest u thicken ur skin if u want to go into politics 4 a career. And to think, I thought u werent that much of a b-tch after all. Guessed wrong on that.”

Colorado replied to DeMatteo’s April 5 email via text message, asking: “Did you really talk to Susan Falconer, Anthony Bedell and Gary Byler [members of the Fairfax and Virginia Beach GOP] about me?”
DeMatteo replied via text message, according to an EDC document: “…Drop your grievance or Ill take it to Pat or just maybe my friend Steve Hunt. U r playing with fire Kristie. Dont end up burned.”
Another text said:

“Look, heres the deal. We both are very headstrong and have promising futures. No BS types of the world. I want to not have these snafus and focus on 2012 and USMC, u want to do politics and rowing, etc. So avoid the controversy and save urself some misery. I wont do anything to hurt you politically but u havent met my staff. They wont guess it. Drop this and we move on. Dont and u will be run out of Mason uni life on a rail. Choice is urs,” according to an EDC document.

In response, Colorado released a statement last Wednesday to Connect2Mason saying, “I did not do this to ruin his campaign or defame his image. I just wanted an apology and he told me that we could of settled this without the EDC, but he fueled his own fire by communicating with me in this improper and unethical way.”

Colorado said she wanted to set the record straight and that her opinion does not reflect any other members of the College Republicans.