Ram Nabar

New Sodexo Resident District Manager Ram Nabar has only been at George Mason University for four months, but he already plans on using his extensive experience to bring some changes to students’ on-campus dining experience.
Nabar has been in the food business for 23 years and has two master’s degrees, one in hospitality and tourism, and the other in business administration.
The first order of business is expansion. According to Nabar, there are 38 current dining locations on campus, and there are plans to add five more.
This includes additions such as Red Mango, Auntie Anne’s, two Einstein Bros. Bagels locations, and a Subway that will be connected to a new convenience store on campus.
On top of these additions, there will also be some changes in the Johnson Center, which includes the Taco Bell Express moving to SUB I and becoming a full Taco Bell.
“I’m going to have conversations with some popular restaurants to be able to change what’s in the Johnson Center to be more aligned with what student preferences are,” Nabar said.
Student preferences are going to play a big part in Nabar’s plans throughout the school year as he plans on impacting student experiences beyond the food they eat.
The new resident district manager plans on celebrating the religions and ethnicities of different groups on campus.
Nabar wants to use the resources of Sodexo to truly interact with students and give them a rich experience.
Nabar views celebration as more than just eating a cultural dish.
“It goes beyond just corned beef and cabbage,” Nabar said. “I want to take it to the level where you have Irish dancers dancing down the divide between the Johnson Center and Southside, or performing at the clocktower … doing something creative.”
In reference to the past controversy regarding Sodexo and its workers, Nabar said that the mission of Sodexo is to provide a better quality of work life for all of their employees. “Wherever we need to make an accommodation, we are doing it. While the portrayal [of Sodexo] is out there, we are completely supportive of what our workers do for us.”
“I’m proud of who I work for, and I’m proud of what we do for our workers,” Nabar said.
Nabar is also very excited about the direction of Sodexo in the future and doesn’t foresee its current growth slowing down anytime soon.
“I don’t think you ever say enough [building and growth] at Mason … It will stay on a growth track, and what drives that growth track is really residents on campus,” Nabar said.
According to Nabar, what motivates him is the energy that he gets from students and his drive to ensure that they have the optimal dining experience with the changes that he is going to initiate.
The changes will be gradual and roughly take place throughout the next year.