It is common knowledge to anyone who has been listening to music since before the turn of the millennium that the ‘90s was the era of the rebellious, alternative rock band. It is also common knowledge, though, that music has not been the same since. As swiftly as alternative rock made it to the charts, it faded into the distant memories of the 20th Century as the new millennium brought more upbeat, up-tempo music. While the likes of Nirvana, Green Day and Red Hot Chili Peppers will always reign as supreme kings of the ’90s, there was one woman who shook things up and inserted herself as the queen of rock.

Perhaps as one of the most drastic surprises of the ‘90s, Alanis Morissette rocked the world with her now-classic album “Jagged Little Pill.” Filled with enough angst to satiate the emotional needs of just about everyone who been through a sour relationship, “Jagged Little Pill” is a rock phenomenon unmatched by any album of any female rock artist since.

With the radio today being so saturated with heavy synth beats, auto-tune and techno rhythms, “Jagged Little Pill” is a touch of authenticity that cannot go unnoticed. But while the ‘90s influence is undeniable, there is a timelessness that tinges the album, making it as delightfully refreshing today as it was back in 1995. This might be due to the fact that almost all of the songs were only recorded a handful of times with minor editing before the album was released. Her song “Perfection” was written and recorded in 20 minutes before it was decided to be put on the album. The album is still worthy of a listen 16 years later.

Perhaps during a particularly rough day, it might be helpful to listen to Morissette sing her heartout on “Hand in My Pocket,” where she delves into the strenuous life of a poor 20-year-old just trying to find the silver lining in life. Or maybe on a day of contemplation, it would be fun to remark on the beautiful prose that make up one of her most controversial songs, “Ironic.”

Regardless of mood or state of mind, though, “Jagged Little Pill” is sure to have something for everyone. Morissette’s commentaries on responsibility and swallowing life’s “jagged little pills” — which are necessary to fully appreciate its beauty — are sure to be an inspiration for any Patriot, whether it be during finals week or simply walking about campus.