Can we buy sexy? Can we simply blanket our insecurities and sell our sexy? We can paint our faces every morning, drown our clothes in perfume and dress ostentatiously, but strip it all away and we’re rough-skinned little girls with no heart. Isn’t the purpose of performing all these circus acts to compensate for the lack of confidence and hide our physical “flaws”? All the clown makeup and big hair is supposed to make up for the lack of self-love; unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

I was at work earlier today and I saw a shirt with a provocative picture of the infamous Marilyn Monroe plastered on it. I’ve always felt a slight sourness from the mention of her name. She simply exuded “whore.” Then it dawned on me that I was mistaken. She’s just like most women: She had a natural beauty, wore an extensive amount of makeup and was the epitome of desirability when it came to men, or at least she aspired to be that way. But Monroe was a sad, lonely girl who battled depression, loved reading novels and poetry, and spent a lot of time in deep thought. She was and still is an icon for sexuality. Even though she was hiding under layers of artificiality, she exuded an air of confidence; an air that no one could choke out of her. Why? Because she believed in herself and her beauty. She knew that all the makeup in the world can’t make up for a nasty self-image.

Perhaps we can’t buy sexy or sell it, but there’s a way to acquire possession of it: Be it. Sexy comes from appreciating your repetitive mistakes; maybe it’s the fact that you can’t stop answering his calls or eating chocolate ice cream. But when you start accepting your flaws in all their glory instead of punishing yourself, you’ll begin to live in a positive light; a light that shines on the admirable aspects of your unique self.
So wear glamorous makeup, glittering clothes and those sexy red pumps, but believe that your sexiness comes from the way you carry yourself. It’s the very way you smack your lips and sway down the street. It’s about wearing clothes that tightly hug your curves regardless of your weight. Sexy is being the intelligent woman who comments in a political debate with wit. Sexy is giving to people from what little you may have. Remember, there is something absolutely lovely about all of us and, trust me, it can’t be found in a tube of lipstick.