Graphic by Lauren Ransom

For many die-hard Harry Potter fans, July 15, 2011, was a bittersweet day. As they gathered in long lines and waited to be seated in a movie theater, the reminiscing began. Just about 14 years ago, “the boy who lived” started to win his way into the hearts of millions through the words of author J.K Rowling and the mega-hit movies.

As fans sat in the theater at midnight, a nostalgic feeling took over. Were Harry Potter and his story essentially over? Was Harry’s time really gone? Not if J.K. Rowling had anything to do with it. The billionaire author wanted to keep the dream alive and have Harry live on for his fans, even though the series and movies have reached their endpoint.

With the help of Sony, Rowling launched Pottermore, an interactive website based on the Harry Potter series, which helped satisfy the craving of the many fans who wanted more after the series and movies were finished.
Pottermore is only open to selective beta users at the moment, but will go public at the end of October. The website will offer digital audio books and e-books for purchase through the online Pottermore Shop, along with new information about the books and tidbits of exclusive facts and trivia on the Wizarding World. On top of that, many interactive games allow users to get sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses and compete with their assigned wand.

The best part? Everyone gets to play alongside Harry Potter. Points are earned by winning challenges like brewing potions and engaging in spell duels. A record of these points is kept on a live feed, so players can keep track of their earnings. Fans can also intermingle with one another, making the whole experience a dream come true for all of Harry Potter’s followers.

Thanks to J.K Rowling, the magic will never end. Look out, Facebook and Twitter: You have competition on the way!