A booth at the event sold eco-friendly products including clothing and soap.

The Sustainable Living Roadshow is a volunteer-based organization that travels the world to “empower communities and individuals to utilize sustainable living strategies for a healthier planet.”

The SLR was founded in 2005 and on Wednesday made its first appearance at George Mason University.

This year’s SLR at Mason featured several organizations such as Appalachian Voices, Compassion for Animals, Hemp for Humanity , The Human Revolution, the GMU Environmental Action group and many others.

Yoga and meditation workshops were featured as well as various games, arts and crafts, a variety of tents and demonstrations, a dance performance, a film showing and a market.

Also, Everlasting Life Café, a vegan restaurant that will soon be opening a location on campus, served free vegan food.

The SLR expressed views on all things harming the planet, from the mass production of animals to the removal of mountain tops.

The goal of the show was to let people know that they have a voice and that they can do something to prolong the sustainability of the planet.

“Sustainability is operating in a way that does not compromise the future,” said Margaret Lo, sustainability assistant manager for the Office of Sustainability.

Her statement highlights the fact that one must be aware of the way in which the food we eat is prepared and created.

“It’s important that people understand that animals have feelings, too,” said Holly Sternberg, a volunteer with Compassion for Animals.

The show was not just about events and matters on a local scale but a global one as well, like the cancer caused by the removal of mountaintops for the purpose of coal mining.

“I want people to know that this act is not only destructive but people are dying,” said Kate Finneran, volunteer with Appalachian Voices.

To find more information about the SLR and ways to be green on campus, interested students can visit sustainablelivingroadshow.org and green.gmu.edu.