There is still time, Mason Nation.

Patriot Platoon

by Stephen Kline

With the Patriots sitting atop the CAA with a 10-1 conference record and students returning to school to fill the Patriot Center for Saturday night’s matchup with James Madison, the Patriot Platoon is up for the Naismith Student Section of the Year award.

As part of the award, the Platoon has been nominated as one of the top 80 selections representing 21 conferences, including the Big East and Big Ten Conferences.

It will be presented to the loudest, most passionate group of fans in the nation and will be decided by the fans.

Fewer things create the type of buzz around the city of Fairfax like a men’s basketball game. Students, professor, families and fans pack the arena for home games. They pour into Brion’s Grill and Hard Times Café for watch parties and postgame meals, awarding Coach Paul Hewitt a standing ovation each time he enters the restaurant.

As they did on several occasions on Saturday night, noise meters in the Patriot Center hover far beyond 100 dosimeters, tipping the scales and assisting the Patriots, who owned one of the longest home winning streaks in the nation entering this season.

Doc Nix and the Green Machine rock the arena with unrivaled performances, prompting Mason fans to “Don’t Stop Believing” with a unique rendition of Journey’s 1981 hit.

The Patriot Center personifies the meaning of home court advantage. And the Patriot Platoon, the Green Machine, Doc Nix and Mason fans across the nation create an atmosphere that many strive to achieve.

As part of the Naismith Awards, the Patriot Platoon aims to top the charts and earn their recognition as the nation’s top student section.

The first two rounds of voting will be public, followed by a scoring of finalists by the Naismith Awards Board of Selectors.

The award will take into consideration criteria such as the student section’s name and attendance, as well as photos, video and a write-up submitted by the nominating school.Fans can vote once every 24 hours for their favorite student section.
Rankings will be posted every Friday through Feb. 12 at