Bored of the limited and unimaginative music Pandora offers you? Tired of spending hours on end finding the newest and best music? Well, I’m here to pass the sauce.

Founder of, Kayvon Nik asks our generation, would you like something really awesome to go with your uninspired life? is the one-stop shop for all things dance, dub-step, house and even moombahton.

Nik, a business information technology major at Virginia Tech, got together with his friends and realized that their love for music should be shared with the world. “Before, when I heard an awesome song, I was only able to share it with a limited amount of people,” Nik said. “I listen to music all day, and now I want to share the best of it with the world.”

What’s up with the sauce? Aiming to create a positive environment, where modern-day electronic maestros can come together and share their love for music, tracks down all types of dance music, sharing album art, informative descriptions of each song and the song file itself. Sound clips range from a fist-pumping three minutes to blood-rushing, electrifying hourlong podcasts.

“Where innovation is tradition.” Sound familiar, George Mason University? Nik and the fellow founders had a vision that should inspire us. The sauce is hoping to become the number one website for quality genre music. Combining passion with knowledge, Nik is poised to do just that.

And he’s not done. is only in the first stages of development.  It will soon encompass style, media and art in a whole new way. Users will be able to add their input and judgment with “sauce” and “no sauce” buttons, share their music interests and purchase all sorts of media from posters to T-shirts. Style sections will also be added for men and women to see what has sauce.

Nik is meticulously grooming the next version of with the goal of delivering an even more engaging experience for users. For Nik, it’s the music that takes precedence first and foremost, and through that, hopes to continue to innovate in an otherwise copy-and-paste world. Look out for the new version come spring break.

Music will always be the primary focus of the website, and will always be on the cutting edge of design and sound. So, get with the scene, and “pass the sauce!” Tell your friends and be sure to check out the fresh daily news at and look out for more.