The Office of Student Involvement is constantly striving to bring George Mason University students the best entertainment possible. Recently, Michelle Davis, assistant director of Student Involvement Programming, was kind enough to sit down and talk about “Made” and a few other events SI has planned.

How did “Made” end up at GMU?

MD: They wanted to come to the Northern Virginia-D.C. area, so they reached out to the director of our office and sent her an email saying they wanted to come to campus with their proposal. Then she handed that off to me and I contacted them right before Homecoming started and so I’ve been in contact with their people and they are sending out a producer.

In the past, “Made” has typically involved high school kids. Do you know if the jump to college students will change anything?

MD: They really haven’t said if they’re aiming to do one thing or the other. They’re really trying to keep it broad and open so that they can just see what they get and then they can go from there.

How many interview slots are there?

MD: They only need 10- to 15-minute slots and I made 20-minute slots. They’re here from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. one day and then noon to 5 p.m. on another. I guess they normally only come out to campus one day, but I suggested they come out for two days based on how our schedules for students work with a majority of classes either being Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday. This way they hit two sets of students. I also told them they should come out two different times each day. So all the slots are currently already filled but I have an alternate list where, because I set everyone up with 20-minute slots, either people might not show up or they might have some extra time. So if anyone on the alternate list is in the room I’m going to go down the list by priority order of who signed up first.

What other events is Student Involvement planning?

MD: The D.C Improv club does a search where they go around to all the local schools, and they’ll be on campus March 23, so you can sign up on their website. And whoever wins from our campus will get to perform at the D.C. Improv club. So if there are any aspiring comedians out there, this is a great opportunity.

When asked about Mason Day, information was less forthcoming.

MD: I can’t tell you who the Mason Day artist is, or the otherartist performing. A hint is that the Mason Day artist who we have a contract for, before they became famous, opened up for another Mason Day artist.

Program board is always trying to come up with new events, so if anyone is trying to come out to the meetings, please come out with any new ideas you have. We love putting new stuff in. And if anyone has anything they want to add to Mason Day, please come out. Any organization that wants to give something out, do something, get their name out — come to us and we’ll do it.