On behalf of the Greek Week Steering Committee, we would like to address the Mason Community in response to Clara Everett’s column posted in the March 26 edition of Broadside.

Greek Week has been going on for over 20 years at Mason.  This year we worked hard to come together to unify the Greek Community and showcase to Mason the amazing work that we do on behalf of our institution for the surrounding communities.  This year’s theme was not “I Love the 90’s”, but rather, “We All Stand Out but We Never Stand Alone.”  As a community we are proud to share that we raised over $7,500, which was not given to the homeless in Washington D.C., but to the Northern Virginia chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Over 8,292 lbs. of food was donated to Food for Others to support those in need right here in Northern Virginia.

Countless hours are put into the planning of the shacks, and other events during the week to celebrate the Greek experience at Mason. There is so much pride in this week from the majority of the community that it hurts many of us to read an article like the one that was printed by one of our less-informed members. Greek Week is a time for us to come together and for organizations to stand out.  We are all not “yoga- pant wearing, Starbucks-drinking, shady-looking girls.”  We are men and women who are strong leaders within this community who work hard to better ourselves and the future of Mason.

-The Greek Week Steering Committee