Being a college freshman is a new, unusual and stressful time for a majority of students.

Living with a roommate, maintaining a full course load and constantly attempting to find a place in the college environment can push students to the limit.

Throw in hours of practice every day, 7 a.m. workouts and the constant pressure of trying to prove yourself on the golf course to that mix and it makes for a whirlwind of day-to-day tension and mental unrest.

However, freshman Andrew Brenneman handles the same docket of activities while maintaining a dignified poise and clear mindset.

“Being on the golf team does take up a lot of my time. On top of classes, I practice about three or four hours a day, sometimes even more than that. I don’t see it as any extra stress because I enjoy what I’m doing, and I like playing golf. It’s actually a nice break from the day,” Brenneman said.

Of the golf team’s 11 members, Brenneman is currently one of only two freshman on the entire squad.

Being on a team consisting of mainly upperclassmen has pushed Brenneman to test himself against the veterans and their experience

“For the first semester I had to deal with being the youngest, but over winter break we added another freshman to the team. In the earlier part of the year I felt more inclined to prove myself to the older guys. In general, I try to prove myself as just a member of the team,” said Brenneman.

Making the leap to the collegiate level of competition in any sport is a difficult change that requires a degree of patience and several adjustments.

Brenneman realizes the difficulties but has managed to find a lighter side to adapting to the higher level.

“The college level is very different from what I saw when I was younger,” Brenneman said. The players are a lot better and it takes more time and effort. But it is also fun to see some of the guys I played against in high school and when I was in junior golf. To play against them is a fun part of it all.”

Off the course, Brenneman has realized the values and benefits that being a college athlete have brought to him.

He maintains a positive mindset about being involved in a sport and handling the extra workload.

“I have definitely learned how to manage my time better. Even though it takes up a lot of time, I enjoy playing the game because it keeps me busy, and I always have fun doing it,” Brenneman said.