As a 2010 graduate of George Mason University, I don’t read the Broadside as much as I did as a student.  So of course the one issue I happen to read in a few months (April 2) upsets me. I must express my dismay in two


1 – On the front page (the front page!) you show a student holding up a sign in support of Trayvon Martin.  The problem?  He uses the word “your” when it actually should be “you’re”.  It may not be a big problem to some, but putting it on the front page of the school newspaper shows a lack ofproofreading on two levels – that of the student and of the editor.  Your message tends to not be clearly conveyed when you use incorrect grammar as people tend to focus more on your mistakes than your message.

2 – I was also upset with Sayed Shah’s article about the recent hate crimes.  Sayed uses the death of Trayvon as a lead in to an article about racism, but never explains what Trayvon’s death has to do with his article.  It seems he is just going along with the media and not waiting for the facts to come out.  Sayed never bothers to address the Trayvon situation, but instead decides to jump to conclusions to further his own agenda.  Maybe I have been watching different news programs but I wasn’t aware that enough information has been released to make the assumption that Trayvon’s killing was racially motivated.  Of course everyone has an opinion on the subject, but I wouldn’t use my opinion as a foundation for an article.

Looks like I will again be waiting a few months before reading another issue.

-Travis Wilson

Class of 2010