I responded to this article on the website, but was concerned that my protest would be neglected, as it seems the site doesn’t get much traffic.  And this issue cannot be neglected:

My friend pointed this quote out to me, and I did not believe that any newspaper that wishes to be credible could have such an oversight: ” The demonstration was protested by Patriots for Choice, a student group that supports abortion.”

Wrong.  So wrong.  Patriots for Choice does not “support abortion”. Patriots for Choice supports the right of women to choose whether or not they are physically, mentally, or financially ready and able to carry and give birth to a child.  They do not support abortion.  They do not promote abortion.  They fight for the right to keep it a viable option for women

who may be in need of it.

Even the Pro-Life term is incredibly misleading.  It seems to suggest that Pro-Choice advocates are not in support of life, which is blatantly untrue.  They care very much for life.  They also care about the rights, not just of children (or babies, or fetuses, or zygotes as the case may be), but about the rights of women to do with their bodies what they will.

This is not about being for abortion.  This is about the right to choose.

And I think the Broadside owes an apology to Patriots for Choice.

-Cassandra Whalen