‘Merica. We love our beer. Nowhere is this more apparent than college campuses across this great nation.  From Juneau, Alaska to Tallahassee Florida and everywhere in between, college partiers are pounding cases of these great American beers.  They want it cheap, chuggable, and easy to forget the next morning.

Below are the top five most All-American collegiate beers for your drinking pleasure.


Natural Light: 4.2 % ABV

The most iconic of all collegiate beers, Natural Light, also called “Nattie” is first up on the list. If you’ve never beer bonged one of these suckers, you’ve most likely never been to college. Introduced in 1977, this beer been knocking partiers-goers out ever since.  Part of the Anheuser-Busch Family, the empty carcasses of this great beer are sure to be found at every college party.

Drinkability: There is a reason college kids love this beer so much. You can drink a ton of it and never feel full. There isn’t much to say in terms of taste. Long gulps from your garden house will yield the same flavor.

Cost: It doesn’t get much cheaper than Natural Light. If your scour your couch, car, and piggy bank for some extra change, you are sure to have more than enough for a case.

Hangover: Even for a light beer, Nattie can often leave you with a nasty hangover.  It is also worth mentioning: beware of the Nattie splatties!

Pabst Blue Ribbon: 4.74 ABV

This old school heavyweight has been around for a while. Toting its beginnings around 1893, PBR has remained a collegiate favorite for years. Once marketed using Patrick Swayze in the eighties, Pabst has seen resurgence in the last decade.  With its trademark ribbon logo, Pabst brings that vintage feel to any house party.

Drinkability: This is not your average light beer. Pabst has a sharp taste at first, but finishes smooth.  With a higher ABV, and bolder taste, Pabst is sure to fill you up fast but get the job done.

Cost: Surprisingly, in the Northern Virginia Area, Pabst Blue Ribbon is priced cheaper than most beers.  Averaging about $16.00 a case, this old timer is still well worth the money.

Hangover: Not for the faint of livers.

Keystone: 4.8% ABV

If you find the orange can in a case of Keystone, you have something to brag about to your friends.  Keystone is the combination of everything college partiers desire.  With a modest ABV, refreshing taste, and dirt-cheap cost, Keystone is sure to stay a part of the collegiate drinking past time.

Drinkability: As advertise, smooth like Keith Stone.

Cost: Buying water might be more expensive.

Hangover: Incredibly horrible, and that is putting it nicely.

Coors Light: 4.2% ABV

This beer is perhaps the most respectable and classy beer on this list. With an easy start and finish, there isn’t much to this beer.  Hailing from the ice-cold Colorado Rocky Mountains, Coors Light is what beer is when you put it through a Brita filter.

Drinkability: So refreshing, you could drink it after running a marathon.

Cost: You are going to have to dig a little in order to afford this beer.  At certain stores, it can cost as much as $17.00 a case.  Coors Light also comes in 16 oz. aluminum cans, which tend to be cheaper.

Hangover:  Unless someone smashed a bottle over your head, hangovers are virtual unheard of.

Bud Light Platinum: 6.0% ABV

The newest on the market, Bud Light Platinum makes the cut due to its superior engineering. For a light beer, it contains 6.0% ABV, which is much higher than most light beers.  A sleek blue bottle and great marketing campaign has driven Bud Light Platinum to instantaneous fame within the collegiate realm.

Drinkability: As smooth as the original Bud light, but has a crisp finish

Cost: Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay for that extra kick.

Hangover:  one too many, and you’ll feel it the next day.


So keep supporting the age-old tradition of American brewing perfection. Next time you go to shotgun a can of ice cold brew, remember that it’s brought to you courtesy of the red, white and blue.