The Republican Party has nominated a Mormon millionaire as its candidate for the highest office position in the United States, which is, of course, the presidency.

Mitt Romney is not an easy candidate to champion. He has adjusted his stance on more than a few issues, is viewed by many as unprincipled, and, as recent events have shown, is a bit of a gaffe machine.

But at the end of the day, Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee and as a voter who has a number of views that align with those of the Republican Party, I feel it is my duty to not only give Governor Romney my vote, but to stand up for him.

It’s not easy to be an advocate for Governor Romney and his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan.

I have been ridiculed, mocked, and laughed at. I have had my Romney Ryan stickers torn from my door far too many times.

I have been called “ignorant” or “insensitive”, I have been told that I am as “out of touch” as the public has declared my candidate.

I know I am not alone. I know that especially on a college campus, standing up for Mitt Romney is a daily battle.

The constant barrage of negativity, the subtle fear of demonization by association, coupled with the feelings of doubt which inevitably creep about as the anti-Romney assault presents itself, is almost overwhelming.

Despite all this, Republicans all over the country are willing to stand by their candidate all the way to November 6th.

We will champion the cause, we will suffer the slings and arrows of the tens of millions against our candidate. We will continue to be martyrs for Mitt Romney.