Here we are at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, home to many great restaurants on and off campus.

According to Google Maps, we are just 20 miles from the National Mall in Washington D.C., 14.5 miles from the Manassas National Battlefield and 19 miles from Arlington National Cemetery.

There are many different places we can visit as students here at Mason.

But the question is, do we take advantage of all the opportunities we have here at Mason?

According to freshman Tosca Lanfranconi, “It’s very easy to get around the area because of all the shuttles. I have not had one problem getting somewhere because of lack of transportation”.

I have to agree with Tosca because Mason could easily not put this much of an effort in allowing students to leave campus, but it does.

Not only does Mason have CUE buses that take Mason students around Fairfax for no charge, but also free shuttles to the Vienna/ Fairfax-GMU metro station.

As Mason students, we have the ability to travel through Fairfax and the nation’s capital, thanks to the shuttle and CUE buses.

It’s the perfect system for us as Mason students because not only do we get our own little community on campus, but we can join the real world whenever we choose to eat, shop, or simply visit beautiful and unique sites.

Mason is an institution that wants its students to learn and absorb information like sponges and knows that the best way this can be done is by allowing the students to leave the campus.

To be honest, would it be easier to get around campus if I had a car?

Yes, it would. But I can get by without one because there is no shortage of public transportation on campus to get around northern Virginia and the D.C. metropolitan area.

After being here at Mason for just a month, I’m already in love with the area because it is unlike anywhere I’ve been before. On one trip, I can visit sites that honor men who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation.

On another trip, I can visit the building where the fate of our nation is decided through legislating, vetoing and debating. The possibilities are endless.

Going to school here at Mason is a unique experience, thanks to the unparalleled opportunities to visit places that not everyone can see.

The best part is that Mason provides easy access to these locations thanks to the CUE buses and shuttle services.

I do miss my car that is parked in front of my house over three and a half hours away. However, I don’t need it here with all of Mason’s transportation services that allow us to study history, politics and science like nowhere else in the nation.