Mason exemplifies what many believe to be one of the best institutions of higher education in the world. Its respected observers continue to watch it grow and compete more and more with top tiered schools. The university teaches their slogan “Where innovation is tradition” through its classes that start at the 100-level all the way up to 400. Mason is providing its student body with an education that will place its students at a higher level than other institutions when they enter the working world.

What if I told you that the way to succeed is by attending class and being attentive? You would say that it is easy enough, but as soon as your phone vibrates, that world-class education suddenly becomes second to the three-word message.

This institution is filled with adults who are ready to take the next step in education, and to thrive in today’s ever changing world. Students are adults and can make their own decisions. Specifically, this article pertains to the freedom of texting in class. So make the choice, decide if texting takes a priority over a discussion that will help transition you from a student to a worker.

When you begin to text, does the class stop? I’m pretty sure that when your English 101 professor is in a lecture about how to create the perfect thesis for an upcoming essay, he won’t stop at the first vibrate sound. So you, the student, have the choice: answer or ignore the text. When the text is answered you miss the chance to write the perfect thesis that has been a struggle to create. When the text is ignored, your thesis will be much stronger in the next essay because the guidelines of a student to be attentive were followed.

Why are you here at Mason? Is it to socialize or to get an education? Now I don’t know how you’ll respond, but the answer should be education. In the new environment of college with so much more freedom and socializing than before, it can be easy to forget your main purpose for attending Mason. Your parents are paying tuition for you to attend class to expand your mind. How would they feel about seeing the professor teach macroeconomics and you’re sitting in the back texting about what to get for dinner?

As a college student, you have the choice to text in class. Let’s not forget that this is an institution for adults to receive an education and more importantly make their own decisions. So go ahead, make that decision.

Just know that one outcome will be more favorable than the other when that choice is made.