Following the first presidential debate, two things have been made clear.

The first is that Mitt Romney knows what he is talking about and he will have a bigger impact than expected. The second is that Barack Obama cannot stand alone. Romney was quick on his feet with thought and he was professional as well. He made statements and backed them up with statistics. Whenever Obama called him out on something, Romney had no problem explaining it and disproving Obama’s claim. He did this through the unfair treatment he received from moderator Jim Lehrer, who would cut him off and enforce time limits only on Romney. The President spoke for four more minutes than Romney in a debate where each speaker has the same time limit.

The same cannot be said of Obama. He stumbled and mumbled his way through the night. He couldn’t maintain eye contact with Romney when Romney was speaking. Right from the start when the President asked the moderator to move on to another question and then proceeds to give a rebuttal, it showed that he was uncomfortable and on the run. Obama did not even know the details behind the policies he is pushing, saying that the details were on a website. Remember that he is the President of the United States of America. He is briefed on these things everyday for the last four years. For anyone from the Obama administration to claim that he did not have time to prepare is inaccurate. Obama just completed his one-hundredth round of golf in June. He has held more fundraisers this year than the last five presidents have in the same time frame of their presidency combined. He has even had time to party with Jay-Z.

So for those of you who still think we should ignore the debate, you need to stop doing a disservice to the American public. He lost because he lacks substance in his policy. He could not stand alone up there and go toe-to-toe with Romney. The reason he appears to be so effective on the campaign trail is because of the staff he has backing him and covering him. The staff wasn’t allowed to be up on stage last night and you saw what happened.

When you vote for Obama, you are voting for just a face because, as most of you saw last night, he cannot stand alone when it matters.