Students looking to spend their summer at Mason should look no further than the Patriot Leader program. Organized through the Office of Orientation and Family Programs and Services (OFPS), the Patriot Leader Program is a part of the office’s goal to provide a cohesive orientation, supportive system and purposeful experience.

“Mason has had Orientation Leaders in some form ever since Mason has had new student orientation, however the position team and Patriot Leader team began to form in 2006,” said Student Program Coordinator at OFPS Matthew Crush.

The Patriot Leader team is responsible for welcoming and assisting new members of the Mason community. Primarily, this responsibility is met through orientations held throughout the summer. However, Patriot Leaders also assist with Sibling Weekend, Freshman Move-In, out-reach events and Parents’ Weekend.

Students interested in applying should know the following information.

First off, Patriot Leaders, “must exhibit leadership qualities both inside and outside of the classroom, be full of Mason spirit, passionate about helping people and possess a desire to develop their own leadership potential,” said Crush.


Those who believe they possess these qualities are encouraged to submit their applications. All applications that are completed with correct information by Nov. 29 at 5 p.m. will be eligible for a group interview held on Jan. 25.

“If the applicant does well in the group interview, they will be invited for an individual interview to be held Jan. 28 through Feb. 1. After the individual interviews are completed, decision letters will be available Feb. 4,” said Crush.

Of those that apply, a total of 30 will be selected to represent OFPS throughout the following year. Selected students will receive a stipend for their summer employment as well as on-campus housing from mid-May through to the end of July, as well as meals and $150 of Mason meal plan money.

However, the Patriot Leader position is not one that is guaranteed for the rest of a student’s collegiate career. If a student would like to do it for more than one year, they must re-apply.

“Typically a few second year PL’s are hired but we hire mostly new applicants,” said Crush.

But repeating a year as a Patriot Leader is not the only option. For former Patriot Leaders who are looking for more advanced leadership opportunities and to continue their relationship with the office positions as an Office Specialist or Head Team member.

Ultimately, OFPS is not only providing a service to incoming students and families, but also to current students who are looking to give back to their college.

“This is a job where you learn so much about yourself, others and have the time of your life. I wish that everyone were able to have such an incredible opportunity,” said Crush.