This world continues to have the same conflicts with a different name and leader. This has always been something that baffled me because as members of the human race, we cannot learn from our mistakes.

Wars, attacks, and persecution have been going on since the beginning of time and will not end until we come together to avoid our past mistakes.

Let’s start this look back in 1490 when Ferdinand and Isabella felt the only way to resolve the problems of Spain was to create a land with a single people.

This resolution involved the expulsion of the Jewish and Muslim population in the country to create their perfect Spain.

A similar situation happened in the United States as expansion across the vast countryside began.

This conquest did not just involve inspecting unvisited sites. The conquest that celebrated expansion actually involved killing, raping, and displacing the Native American population. The U.S.’s goal was to expand and create an America that would make this country the best one on earth.

The Native Americans were not a part of this picture similar to the Jews and Muslims in Spain.

This ethnic cleansing continued with Adolf Hitler’s systematic killing of 12 million people. This included Jews, homosexuals, Poles, Roma, handicapped, political dissidents, and Soviet Prisoners of War.

This killing was to create a population deemed “acceptable” by the regime of Adolf Hitler.

Once the Holocaust ended the world promised that this would never happen again. Not surprisingly similar systematic killing continued.

In Cambodia, Pol Pot’s Marxist revolution involved a full extermination of educated citizens who did not fit into the new image of the country that represented uneducated farmers.

This pattern has not stopped and killing has resumed in Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, and most recently Darfur.

We as humans do not learn from our mistakes and that is why history consistently repeats itself.

The solution to this problem is not easy to solve but we have to take a step back and look at our current state.

Let’s look specifically at Syria, Russia, and China and asks if the current leadership promotes openness and moving forward, not exterminating for political advancement.

History will always repeat itself until we take that step back and attempt to prevent a recurrence once again.

We have taken strides by creating the United Nations; this group promotes cooperation and understanding.

However, as many of us know, the UN is not the answer considering the continued killing under its watch.

We must come together as citizens of the world and orchestrate a plan that will end this repetition that is halting our evolution.