When campus food gets old and boring, it’s time to start venturing out and exploring the dining options around town. You can always fall back on old favorites like Chipotle and other fast food restaurants, but if you are looking for some service with a great meal, then the place to go is the newly opened Smashburger on Fairfax Blvd.

Smashburger is an original experience from the way that the burgers are made to the great value of service. So, let’s start with the burgers. The burgers start out as meatballs that are put down and actually smashed on the grill. It creates two seared outer layers that keep all the juiciness that burger-lovers desire inside. Burgers can be custom-made with imaginative combinations of buns and toppings.

For a restaurant that handles orders like a fast food restaurant, the service is amazing. After ordering your meal, you sit down and relax as servers bring out orders, check on how everything is going and clean off tables.

Smashburger is a great place to treat yourself to a little pampering without breaking the bank. It would be a great place for first dates, club gatherings or even somewhere nice to take the family when they come to visit.

No worries for anyone who is not a meat-eater or a burger lover. Smashburger has a wide variety of food available. Veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs and salads are also on the menu and available to customize.

Whether you are hungry for traditional french fries, sweet potato fries, chili cheese fries or haystack onions, Smashburger has an option for you. They even have their own signature Smashfries, which feature fries tossed with rosemary, olive oil and garlic.

For those with a big sweet tooth, they also have Häagen-Dazs shakes and floats for sale.

For anyone looking for great food, an average check of $9 and fast food without the cheap and greasy feel, Smashburger is the place to go. It is even really close to campus, so get a group of hungry friends and head on down to Smashburger for a great experience and a great meal.